Little Known Ways To Visit Morocco Beaches [Charming & Exotic]

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Best Beaches in Morocco

Little Known Ways To Visit Morocco Beaches [Charming & Exotic]

I am a beach lover and, each time I travel to Morocco, I make sure I will have time to go to one of the best beaches in Morocco, hike, chill, eat fresh fish and surf. Morocco is a lucky country with 1,200 miles (nearly 2,000 km) long coastline, offering gorgeous nature views from the mighty Atlas Mountains to the long golden and enormous sand dunes in the south.

If you are planning on surfing, know that some beaches in Morocco are considered to be among the best beaches for surf. And that’s what makes the country a great destination: In a few days, you can try different things and experiences in Morocco.

An important thing to do before your trip is to know the best time to travel to Morocco regarding a specific experience. For example, there are different best seasons for visiting the deserts in Morocco, sunbathing in Moroccan beaches and surfing.

Here is for you an overview of the best Morocco beaches so you know what you can expect. I will make two lists. The first list will be about touristic beaches where you can sunbathe, surf or swim. The other list will be about wild  Moroccan beaches, i.e the spots you can visit to admire the beauty of Moroccan nature. This second list will mostly have beaches with a more difficult accessibility, with a high chance of getting lost. So make sure you visit with a local guide. 

The Best Beaches in Morocco To Visit

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Best Morocco Beaches to sunbathe, surf and swim

  • Legzira, Sidi Ifni

Sidi Ifni is a Moroccan city located in south Morocco on the shores of the Atlantic. The city is most known for its captivating and peaceful beaches perfect for long walks and romantic sunsets. At Legzira Beach, you will find a gigantic thousand-year-old rock archway formed from years of erosion. A true manifestation of nature power!

morocco beaches

Red rock arch at Legzira Beach Sidi Ifni

  • Imsouane Beach, in Taghazout

Only 1.5 hours drive from Agadir,  Imsouane beach is completely hidden by the mountains, making it look like a secret place. But the truth is, this spot is very famous among surfers who come from around the world to enjoy its spectacular waves. There are two main spots for surfing in Imsouane beach: La Bay, a point-break surf spot and La Cathedrale, a beach-break surf spot.

Best Morocco Beaches

Surfers at Imsouane Beach, Morocco

During a visit to Imsouane beach, you should definitely visit the fish market in the early morning, where you can buy your own fresh fish for really cheap then give it to local restaurants to cook it the way you like, grilled with sea salt, fried or in a stew. A must!

beaches in morocco

Imsouane Beach Port, where you can buy fresh fish straight from the fishermen

  • Moulay Bouzerktoune, Essaouira

I talked about Essaouira in my article about the best places to visit in Morocco. In the late 60s, Essaouira was a famous destination among hippies around the world. Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix were also great fans and loved chilling and finding inspiration in its gorgeous beaches.

Besides, Essaouira coast is very windy making it perfect for most water activities like kite and windsurfing.

Beaches in Morocco

Kitesurfing at Essaouira beach

  • Tcharrana beach, near Nador

If you are more into blue Azur beaches, Tcharrana beach in Nador is one beach that will make you feel like you are in a Caribbean coast. The beach is around 60km (37 miles) from Nador and might take you 45 min to 1-hour drive. The road is not very easy so drive carefully, but once arrived, the view will be totally worth it, believe me.

Morocco Beaches

Tcharrana beach

  • Agadir beach

Located only a few minutes from Agadir, this is a classic sunny beach with very easy access. During high season, Agadir beach is highly frequented by locals and tourists who enjoy the place for swimming, sunbathing and riding camels and horses.

Best Beaches in Morocco

Riding horses in Agadir beach

  • Quemado beach in El Hoceima

Quemado beach offers a gorgeous view combining Bleue azure water with wild green nature. Being easily accessible, Quemado beach usually gets very crowded during high season (June to August), when Moroccans and Spanish visit the region.  

Best Morocco Beaches

Quemado beach

Best Morocco Beaches Within Wild Nature

  • White-Beach near Guelmim

This is a spot that will blow your mind. White-Beach, also called Plage-Blanche, is a forty kilometer white sand with very few signs of human habitation. White-Beach is located at the heart of an ecological park, 200 miles (322 kilometers) south of Agadir, near Guelmim. Reaching it is an adventure in itself. With your local guide, you can drive a motorbike or 4X4 while enjoying the giant Saharan sand dunes, the ancient kasbahs, and lush oases. Once there, you will be rewarded with amazing views and an incredibly tranquil beach.

Morocco Best Beaches

White beach near Guelmim

  • Rmilate Beach, near Asilah

Another secret beach in Morocco is Rmilate, located a few kilometers from Asilah. The first time I went to Rmilate, I was with my family and we thought we got lost. In fact, we drove our car on a narrow rocky road for a long time until we finally saw the magical beach from the top of the hill.

Not all tourists know about Rmilate Beach. Besides, as there is already a beach in Asilah, not many locals go there, making it a wild and calm spot, perfect for chilling and long walks.

Morocco Beaches

Rmilate Beach, view from the top of a hill

  • Oued Chebika beach in Tantan

Another amazing Moroccan beach is Oued Chebika, located a few kilometers from Tantan. Perfect for sunbathing, bird watching and eating fresh fish.

Beaches in Morocco

Oued Chebika beach

  • Moulay Bousselham Beach near Rabat

Moulay Bousselham Beach is 100 km north of Rabat mostly known mostly for its Merja Zerga (the blue lagoon).

Did you now that Moulay Bousselham beach has more than 100 species of waterbirds and 190 plant species? Very impressive! In fact, the Merja Zerga lagoon is the most important Moroccan wetland making it a stopover and wintering site for many migratory birds. And that is not all, the site is a nature reserve listed on the RAMSAR Sites List and recognized as a wetland of international importance. 

Morocco Best Beaches

Moulay Bousselham Beach

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