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moroccan Kaftan

A History of Moroccan Kaftans

Unlike most Moroccan girls, my first contact with a Kaftan was through embroidery at my aunt's Kaftan atelier. She was a Kaftan fairy and I spent countless hours in her atelier learning beading and embroidery. I was fascinated by the intricate artwork involved in making

moroccan jewelry

All About Moroccan Jewelry

My love for Moroccan jewelry started in my childhood. I used to accompany my mother to the Medina, our city downtown, and look for authentic Moroccan jewelry pieces. That was a passion many Moroccan women shared: Checking new and vintage jewelry arrivals and acquire pieces

Cactus Silk (Moroccan Sabra)

Have you ever heard about cactus silk? Wait, how can something so smooth like silk be related to something so prickly as cactuses? This beautiful Moroccan fabric is mostly used to make rugs and cushions that can add bohemian flair to any space. With its unique

The Fairy Ksar Ait Benhaddou

Growing up in Morocco, the desert has always been my favorite place to visit. The beauty of the arid landscapes always gets me. And although there are many places I love to visit in the Moroccan desert, Ksar Ait Benhaddou is probably my favorite desert