Hammam Gloves (Moroccan Kessa Scrubs)

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Hammam Gloves (Moroccan Kessa Scrubs)

Growing up in Morocco, I used the Hammam glove, also called Kessa glove or Hammam scrub very regularly, like most Moroccan women. It was (and it still is!) an essential in my beauty routine.

Moroccan Kessa glove hammam

The Moroccan Kessa scrub is an essential tool in Moroccan women’s vanities. It is one of the most efficient exfoliating products you can use. It makes your skin as clean and soft as after an expensive SPA treatment.

It’s also one of the secrets behind Moroccan women’s beautiful skin.

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The Right Way to Use Moroccan Kessa Gloves

To use the Hammam glove efficiently, your skin should be wet and your pores open. The easiest way to achieve that is by rinsing your skin with warm water for at least a couple of minutes.

hammam glove

Then you can start using the Kessa glove in circular movements, gently, starting from the bottom of your body and going up to the top. As you exfoliate, you will be surprised at the amount of dead skin that will come out.

While the Moroccan Hamman glove is enough to exfoliate your skin (and will probably be better than your most expensive exfoliating product!), you can use it combined with traditional Moroccan black soap, to open pores and prep the skin for exfoliation.

Moroccan black soap hammam
Moroccan black soap is applied to the skin before exfoliating to open up the pores

Once you finish the exfoliation, rinse your skin then shower as you would normally do. Your skin will be so soft and ready to soak your hydrating and nourishing creams and oils.

Do this once every week or every two weeks, depending on your skin needs.

Finding the Right Kessa Glove

kessa glove

Moroccan gloves come with different exfoliating grains as people’s skins are different. In Morocco, women sometimes use different types of Hammam gloves for different body parts. For example, they might use a soft scrub for the face and neck, while using a coarser Hammam glove for their legs. This being said, most of the time, Moroccan women will use the same scrub for their entire body.

And this is what I do too. I use this gentle Moroccan scrub for my entire body and I just vary the pressure to have different exfoliation levels. This soft Hammam glove will respect your skin barrier and allow for a gentle, yet deep exfoliation.

Once you finish exfoliating, rinse your glove well with hot water then wash it with your towels in the washing machine.

And that’s it! The process is very simple and you can easily add it to your shower routine. Once you see the amazing results (aka the soft unified skin), your Kessa glove will become your shower best friend, believe me!

Last Updated on September 13, 2022 by Safaa (founder of moroccanzest)

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