Beautiful Vintage Hamsa Jewelry Designs

Beautiful Vintage Hamsa Jewelry Designs

Hamsa jewelry is a big part of Moroccan history and Moroccan culture. In fact, the Hamsa was, and is still, widely and generously incorporated in jewelry, decor, and fashion.

Moroccan woman wearing a silver Hamsa necklace (Vintage)

The popularity of the Hamsa in Moroccan culture is similar to its popularity in the Jewish culture, which is not a coincidence. In fact, Morocco was home to Jews till a few decades ago, in the 1960s, when hundreds of thousands of Moroccan jewish families decided to migrate to Israel.

Moroccan Jews and Moroccan Muslims have an entwined history in Morocco where they used to live and share the same lifestyle, same language, and the same craftsmanship, preserving their savoire-faire for generations. Now, Moroccan artisanal work is showcased by Muslims and Jewish artisans all around the world, and the hamsa is one example of this shared heritage.

jewish vintage hamsa necklace
Moroccan Jewish woman wearing a silver Hamsa necklace in south Morocco, 1955
Moroccan Hamsa exposed in the Israel Museum Jerusalem / picture by Oleg Kalashnikov

What Does the Hamsa Symbol Mean?

The Hamsa is a protective talisman widely used in North Africa and the Middle East to protect from misfortunes and the evil eye. In Morocco, the Hamsa is used in jewelry, decor pieces, and as patterns for fashion items. Most Moroccan women have at least one Hamsa jewelry piece, if not many

hamsa symbol

Hamsa Jewelry Inspiration

Besides, Hamsa necklaces, bracelets, and pendants are now very trendy as many celebrities started wearing them. Their mystical background and engravings make them an interesting piece of jewelry to have.

Hamsa Jewelry from Morocco

I often buy Hamsa jewelry as it makes a symbolic and inspiring gift. I shop from Morocco whenever I go, but also online as I identified throughout the years a few artisans who make amazing pieces.

As a jewelry designer myself, my favorite Hamsa designs are the ones that are inspired by traditional Moroccan jewelry. They remind me of my grandmother’s beautiful jewelry pieces, mixing engravings, bold colors, and precious materials.

moroccan hamsa necklace
Red Jade and Silver Hamsa Necklace, available here

Hamsa Jewelry from Israel

As I explained earlier, many jews are of Moroccan origins, explaining why Hamsa jewelry is part of the Jewish heritage. Like in Morocco, when you walk through the markets of Israel, you are surprised by the abundance of displayed hamsas symbols, in jewelry, but also in clothing and decor of all kinds.

In Israel, the Hamsa, also called Khamsa, is widespread in popular culture. In 2018, the Jerusalem museum of Islamic art held an exhibition named Khamsa, Khamsa, Khamsa, entirely devoted to the Hamsa symbol and showcasing 555 different Hamsas.

Hamsa Jewelry Used Materials

The most important thing to check is the material the Hamsa jewelry is made of. While Hamsa jewelry pieces made with alloy will, in general, be the most affordable, there are, however, other compositions offering a good quality-price compromise.

In fact, with 925 silver sterling jewelry, the price of your jewelry piece will still be reasonable (around 30$) and you will be guaranteed that your Hamsa jewelry will be very durable.

925 Silver sterling is a long-lasting material that doesn’t rust, so it is a very good long term investment. It can even be passed through generations. My mother has some Moroccan silver bracelets that belonged to her grandmother. How sweet is that? Just make sure you are dealing with real sterling silver, and not a mix. This silver Hamsa necklace and these silver Hamsa earrings are one of my favorites. Both delicate with a beautiful engraving and a price tag that is similar to what you would get in Morocco.

If you have a little higher budget (between 30$ and 100$), you can look for gold plated hamsa jewelry pieces. Personally, I prefer the ones made with sterling silver and plated with gold. That way, the piece of jewelry will have a better value. This beautiful gold plated Hamsa necklace would be a great pick.

If you are looking for a fancy jewelry piece for yourself or to gift, gold Hamsa jewelry will probably be a good choice. You can even find jewelry pieces with diamonds and other precious stones. Prices can get really high, the sky is the limit as we say. This beautifully engraved gold Hamsa necklace is a really good entry product.

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