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4 Luxurious Marrakech Mansions That You Can Actually Stay In

Palais Chahar Marrakech

4 Luxurious Marrakech Mansions That You Can Actually Stay In

These places are almost secret. They combine the best of luxury and exoticism for an unforgettable stay in Morocco’s ocher city.

Palais Chahar Mahal

This elegant and enchanting villa is surrounded by a lake, rose bushes, jacaranda groves, and a fruit plantation, ideal for anyone looking to hit the reset button. Located near the sumptuous Ourika valley, the villa offers a panoramic view of the Atlas from the terrace.

Palais Chahar Marrakech

Palais Chahal Mahal, $1,419 night
10 travelers 5 bedrooms 5 beds 5 bathrooms
Address: B.P. 36 Sidi Adellah Ghiat، Marrakesh 40066, Morocco
Phone: +2125244-84808
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Ezzahra Estate

This hotel is composed of three villas – Villa Ezzahra, Villa AlKhozama, and Villa Azzaytouna – spread over 20.000 square meters of luscious gardens, dreamy red clay walls, and a lot of Moroccan charm. A true architectural gem, this palace with full staff is a well-kept secret address for weddings, family reunions, and retreat events.

Ezzahra Estate Marrakech Luxury

Palais Ezzahra Estate, $13,800 night
Phone: +212 661221714
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Villa Amelkis

This classic Moroccan estate is located on the fairway of Golf Amelkis and promises a pleasant stay for large families and groups of friends. It features many horseshoe gates, a blue-tiled swimming pool, a beautiful Moroccan pergola, charming rooms, and oversized paintings.

Villa Amelkis, $2,500 night
8 guests 4 bedrooms 4 beds 4 baths
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The 8,000-square meters palatial villa can be reached through the famous Ourika road and is only a 6-mile drive from the Argan Golf Resort. The villa has a view of the Atlas Mountains and features an enchanting mix of Berber and Mediterranean designs with clean lines and neutral colors.

luxury villa masalva marrakech

Villa Masalva, $1,300 night
12 guests 6 bedrooms 6 beds 6 bathrooms
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