Prettiest Arabic and Moroccan Girl Names and Their Meanings

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Moroccan girl names

Prettiest Arabic and Moroccan Girl Names and Their Meanings

My name is Safa, which means purity in Moroccan. It’s a quite rare Moroccan girl name, even in Morocco. I always get asked about its meaning and origins, and people always seem fascinated. And that is the beauty behind Moroccan girl names. They sound beautiful and they always have a deep meaning.

Moroccan girl names are inspired by Arabic words and/or Arabic Poems. They invoke strength, beauty, delicacy, and other qualities parents see or wish for their newborns.

Typical Modern Moroccan Girl Names

There are many options, each with specific connotations. Here is a list of some of the most beautiful modern Moroccan girl names and their meanings:

  • Farah (فرح) means joy, happiness, simplicity, and the extreme pleasure that enters the heart
  • Fatima (فاطمة) but don’t mistake the corrupted name, Fatim. It is a diminution of Fatima, but nonetheless quite viable.
  • Shuruq (شروق) has wonderful associations. The name speaks of the rising of the sun at the onset of the day. The sun, with its brilliant appearance each day, the earth, and our lives.
  • Sanaa (سناء) means beautiful morals and honor. It also refers to the light of lightning, or any natural force revealing light and loftiness.
  • Zuhur (زهور) means beautiful roses, no wonder it is a great choice for a Moroccan girl.
  • Elham (إلهام) implies the internal emanation that God inserts the human heart to encourage a specific good deed.
  • Sofia (صوفيا) recalls wisdom and is characterized by wit, wisdom, and calmness. Another choice is Souad, derived from the word “happiness”. It expresses joy, pleasure, and beauty.
  • In an abstract and sophisticated vein, Samia (سامية) is associated with abstinence and high expectation. Virtuous morals are said to abound as she grows into adulthood.
  • Soraya (ثريا) is an old Moroccan name that remains on top of many lists. It denotes a group of lights, perhaps hanging on a ceiling. The name was borrowed from the seven asteroids in Taurus. It is but you widespread among modern Moroccan families.

Old Moroccan Girls’ Names

There are many beautiful historical Moroccan girls’ names that not only sound beautiful but are also starting to get a lot of attention from the new generation. These names speak of an ancient heritage laden with beautiful meanings. They may also be derived from specific past events. 

Each of the following old Moroccan names has a place of pride in Moroccan tradition and therefore has been preserved in the culture.

  • Starting with the beginning of the alphabet, we find Amal and Amel (أمل). These are two ancient Moroccan names closely associated with hope, ambition, and the aspiration for the best in life.
  • Amina (أمينة) describes a loyal and trustworthy person. Of note, she is a woman who preserves roses for others as an expression of love. 
  • Fadila (فضيلة) is a lady of merit.
  • Hana and Haniyeh (هناء) are synonymous with euphoria, happiness, pleasure, and intense joy.
  • Nadia (ناديه) is a well-known name but it comes from the past. It describes a generous, loving, and giving character. Interestingly the name is taken from the word for wet dew. 
  • Najat (نجاة) means choosing from everything and staying in goodness. It also implies the ability to get out of a problem or predicament. The name is derived from the Holy Qur’an. No wonder it is popular in many countries beyond Morocco.
  • Nora (نورا) is an old name that has become modern. It expresses the light that spreads everywhere with all the positive connotations of the word. 
  • Majida (ماجدة). She is the “owner” of glory, elevation, and great prestige. Majidah is also an old name that is not only Moroccan but has come down to us from the past. Many find both names to be among the most wonderful in the region.
  • Mona or Mouna (منى) are akin to expressing personal goals and desires. This includes everything that the heart wants to achieve.

Other Moroccan Girls’ Names I love

  • Alia ( علياء ): Also spelled Aleah, Aliyah, Aliaa or Aliah, Alia means high standards, high values, glory, and honor. Some of the celebrities with this name are Alia Al-Hussein, queen of Jordany, and American Actress Alia Shawkat who played in “State of Grace”.
  • Yasmine or Yasmin ( یاسمین ): The Moroccan name Yasmine means ‘Jasmin’, the flower. It has another variation: Yasmina, with an ‘a’ instead of an ‘e’. Yasmine is a very feminine name in Morocco but also all across the Arabic world. Some celebrities with the name Yasmine are the American actress Yasmine Bleeth who played in Baywatch and the Israeli singer, Yasmin Levy.
  • Layla ( ليلى‎ ): Layla (also spelled Leila) is a Moroccan girl name often given to girls born during the night, as Layla means ”Night” in Arabic. Layla is also a very romantic name as it’s the name of Layla, the female protagonist of the 7th-century romance Qays and Leila, which is the equivalent of Romeo and Juliet in Arab culture.
  • Sabrina ( صبرينة ): Also spelled, Sabreena, this name is derived from the Arabic word ‘Sabr’ which means patience and endurance. Sabrina has also Celtic and Latin origins making it a quite common name.
  • Sarah or Sara ( سارة ): Sarah derives from the Arabic word ‘Sara’ which means happy and contented. It’s a very trendy girl name in Morocco that is also popular because it is the name of Saint Sarah, Abraham’s wife, and Isaac’s mother, as cited in the Coran, the Torah, and the Bible.
  • Zahra or Zara ( زهرة ): Zahra or Zara is a very feminine name meaning ‘flower’ in Arabic. Moroccan parents name their daughters Zahra to celebrate their delicacy and beauty. It’s also a vintage name that was very popular in Morocco centuries ago.
  • Ghislaine ( غزلان ): Very feminine, Ghislaine comes from ‘Gazal’, which is the Arabic name for ‘Gazelle’. In the Moroccan language, it’s very common to refer to a beautiful girl or woman as a gazelle. ‘Ghazala’ for example, is a Moroccan adjective for a beautiful and gorgeous woman.
  • Rihanna ( ريحانة ): Rihanna is derived from Rihane (ريحان), which is the Arabic name for the sweet, fragrant basil flower. Moroccans name their girls Rihanna to celebrate their delicacy and femininity.

The Tradition after Choosing a Moroccan Girl Name

Traditionally, after choosing a name for their newborn, Moroccan parents gift their baby girl a protective jewelry piece like a Hamsa or evil eye bracelet. They do so to protect their baby from negative energy but also to express her femininity and delicacy.

Moroccan girl name bracelet

I still have an evil eye bracelet from when I was born and I still wear it. Its value is just priceless.

I hope this article was inspiring. It was the result of a lot of research. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. I’ll be more than happy to help.




December 15, 2022

My grandfather is of Moroccan origins and I am a big fan of rihanna. I had no idea that this name has Moroccan origins. When I asked my grandfather and shared this article with him he confirmed. Many many thanks! I can’t wait to have my little girl. I also got the bracelet you recommended.


Response from Moroccanzest

Hi Mariam, happy you found this article helpful -xxx

To see Moroccan women's name and meaning.

June 4, 2021

Looking for origins of my name. Grandfather came from Morocco.


Response from Moroccanzest

Hi Sahran, your grandfather gave you a lovely name. Sahran (سحران) comes from the word ”Sahar” which means magic in Arabic. It’s also a word used for the late-night before dawn -xx


December 8, 2020

my best friend’s name is Yasmeen which is one of my favorite Arab names for girls.


found the name!

September 9, 2020

thank you, after much hesitation, I think i got my baby girl name

sara cash

is farah moroccan?

May 28, 2020

I knew an amazing girl named farah, her parents were north African. Is Farah a Moroccan name? What does it mean? Thank you


Response from Moroccanzest

Hi, jeff! Yes, Farah is a Moroccan name, also given in many other North African countries like Tunisia and Algeria. it”s a lovely name and it means happiness and joy. -xx

lovely names

April 13, 2020

these are some lovely names, and they sound beautifully. I don’t know yet what to go for but I have a shortlist. thank you


baby name

March 2, 2020

I think I know what I’ll name my baby girl 😉


how lovely

March 2, 2020

Mow that I am expecting a daughter, I am thinking of naming her after my grandmother, zahra, who was of Moroccan origins. Thank you for sharing this beautiful Moroccan names and their meanings. Zahra is what we will go for, definitely.


Response from Moroccanzest

Happy you found what you were looking for, Mila, and I am sure your daughter will carry her name beautifully –xx

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