What Makes a High-Quality Moroccan Lighting

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What Makes a High-Quality Moroccan Lighting

I grew up in Morocco fascinated by the beautiful Moroccan lighting we used in our riad. We had all sorts of Moroccan lamps, chandeliers, and lanterns. You name the Moroccan lighting, we had it. Combined, they created a warm and intimate ambiance that made our riad feel like a safe haven.

Lucky buyers can get Moroccan lighting fixtures made to order if they don’t find the right one immediately. There are many differences and styles to consider, and the great local artisans will oblige any taste. Tell them about your home and the lamp’s placement, and they will suggest a few options. It is a far cry from the mass production for sure. You get better quality materials and a high degree of craftsmanship in the engraving. 

But beware of the common fakes or low-quality copies on the market. When it comes to the best Moroccan lanterns and the larger chandeliers, brass is the only way to go. There is a reason. This metal results in premium quality fixtures, especially when compared to the cheaper aluminum, which is lighter and more fragile. Brass is durable and so it will cost a bit more. The value is worth it.

A made-to-order product from scratch is a work of art, engraved by hand. The patterns are beautiful and differ in size. Lasers may be used but working by hand affords more control and is a true sign of craftsmanship. There is quite a difference in the final result. Some laser work appears coarse to the naked eye.

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A good way to tell the value of the materials is by weight. Moroccan brass light fixtures will be heavier than the cheaper variety by far. Don’t skimp on quality if you want a long-lasting, beautiful lamp. Low cost is an indicator of poor workmanship and less brass used. The thinner products often break easily. They are an insult to the artisans who prefer to work creatively with better material. In fact, they find it difficult to engrave well on thin brass, and engraving is what the craft is all about. 

Quality lamps have intricate designs that help create the desired, cozy ambiance. Too much light gets through the larger patterns and harsh shadows also ruin the desired effect.

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Quality lamps have intricate designs
moroccan lighting quality
Most lower-value lighting options have larger designs and patterns making for harsh lights and shadows
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Expect your made-to-order beauty to take weeks if not months. You won’t mind when you see the finished product. You will wonder at the talent it takes to make such intricate engravings, whether it is a lamp or a large chandelier. The work is incredible and thus takes time to execute to perfection. After all, you are getting an example of an age-old tradition, part of Morocco’s artistic heritage. Skills are handed down from one generation to the next, ensuring adherence to basic principles. In order a lamp from a true artisan, you are honoring their heritage. Your exquisite handmade item will grace your space forever. It will age beautifully over time and grow even lovelier.

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Moroccan Lamp with Intricate Details | La maison arabe

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