Transform Your Outdoor Space with Moroccan Outdoor Decor

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Transform Your Outdoor Space with Moroccan Outdoor Decor

If you know me, you know I am happiest when I work on Moroccan outdoor decor projects. Creating a cozy Moroccan outdoor bubble motivates and inspires me, as it involves understanding my client’s decor taste and working with artisans to make Moroccan decor pieces from scratch.  

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Growing up in Morocco, my favorite relaxing place was our riad‘s outdoor patio. It was a calm space where we would relax, read a book, or chat with other family members while drinking Moroccan mint tea. We used to change our outdoor decor often as decorating in Morocco is a national hobby, and I have always loved to be part of this decorating process.

Authentic Moroccan outdoor decor plays with colors, textures, and plants to create different vibes.

Moroccan decor outdoor

Moroccan Outdoor Decor: Patios, Backyards and Gardens

Moroccan outdoor decor is pretty easy to replicate. You need to focus on Morocco’s most emblematic pieces, which I will share below. Then, mix and match the pieces, colors, and textures to create the Moroccan decor of your dreams.

Kilim Pillows

If you love colors and want your outdoor decor to look like a terrace in Marrakech, then Moroccan kilim pillows are the way to go. You can mix colors and patterns with the Kilim to create a cheerful, bohemian outdoor space. 

moroccan decor outdoor with kilim pillows and rugs

These Moroccan pillows are very popular in Morocco, especially in Marrakech. They are made with the Kilim fabric, a very resistant, rough, and rustic fabric that ages beautifully even with high sun exposure.

Moroccan Poufs

There are many ways to enjoy seating in a traditional Moroccan outdoor space. The simplest way is to create a seating space using a Moroccan rug and a mix of kilim pillows and Moroccan poufs.

Moroccan poufs are made with either a kilim fabric, leather, or Beni Ourain fabric. 

The kilim poufs are like the kilim pillows. They are made of the Kilim fabric and can be either colorful or with simple, minimalistic colors.

moroccan decor

Kilim poufs

The most common and popular type of poufs is the Moroccan leather poufs. These poufs are a staple in Moroccan decor and are used to adorn indoor and outdoor spaces. They contribute to the space’s coziness, allowing for a more decontracted gathering. I have a few in my apartment in different colors and sizes. They make the perfect pouf to sit on and rest your feet, and the large ones can also be used as a coffee table if you put a tray on top. They upgrade any interior design.


moroccan poufs leather

moroccan white pouf in living room decor

moroccan pouf round

moroccan outdoor decor with leather pouf

Moroccan leather poufs

Another option is to use Moroccan Beni Ourain pillows and poufs. These poufs are made using wool and natural black and white dyes. The long-making process and the quality of materials make for an elegant and polished look.

Moroccan decor outdoor with beni ourain pillows and poufs

Beni ourain pillows and poufs


Moroccan Tables

In Morocco, outdoor spaces are usually decorated so people can sit on the floor and relax. That’s why poufs, pillows, and rugs are essential decoration pieces. Another very important Moroccan outdoor decor piece is the Moroccan table. 

moroccan table and moroccan tea set teapot glasses

Moroccan tables come in all sizes, colors, and heights. They include artisanal work done on either wood or brass, and the most common—and popular—type is the Moroccan tray table, as shown in the picture above. It’s made of two components: a top level that is a removable tray and a bottom level that is collapsible wooden legs. It’s a very practical piece as it can be stored easily once you’re done using it, making it perfect for outdoor decoration. It can also be used indoors as a coffee table to hold magazines, flower pots, or as a daily cup of coffee. This Moroccan table can be customized to different sizes and wood colors.

moroccan table outdoor decor

Large-size Moroccan coffee table in outdoor decor

Moroccan Lighting 

Moroccan lighting will add the perfect cozy Moroccan touch to your outdoor decor. The most popular lighting options are handmade using brass, rattan, wood, etc., and come in different shapes and colors. While your overhead light should be durable and weather-resistant, you can add multiple artisanal candle holders to achieve a dim, intimate ambiance at night.

lantern outdoor decor moroccan

moroccan lighting quality

moroccan lamp artisanal

Greenery in Moroccan Outdoor Decor

Cactuses and small palm trees are my favorite plants for Moroccan outdoor decor. I love to use many varieties at different heights and/or mix them with other plants. If you live in a cold area, you can always find plants you can successfully grow with your weather. 

moroccan outdoor plants moroccan outdoor decor terrace patio moroccan decor Moroccan decor outdoor with beni ourain pillows and poufs moroccan decor outdoor with kilim pillows and rugs

And that’s all you need to know to transform your outdoor space into a cozy, charming Moroccan bubble! 

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