Moroccan Recipes: Easy & Delicious!

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Moroccan Recipes: Easy & Delicious!

When it comes to Moroccan recipes, there are many options to choose from, all very tasty and flavorful.

The most loved Moroccan recipe is the tagine dish, that delicious and hearty stew infused with incredible flavors. I grew up in Morocco having the tagine dish almost every two other days. It’s really easy to make, balanced, and impossible to not like. There are many variations of Moroccan tagines, mixing vegetables, meat and poultry, and caramelized fruits. With tagines, the options are really endless!

Moroccan tagine with vegetables
Moroccan tagine with vegetables

Morocco authentic tagine recipes are cooked in a traditional clay pot, also called tagine. Cooking in a tagine pot gives the best results as it condensates the flavors and aromas, and preserves vitamins and minerals.

tagine moroccan recipe
Cooking in a traditional tagine clay pot

If you don’t have a tagine clay pot yet, I highly encourage you to get one. It will add a lot of magic to your cooking routine.

So, here are my favorite Moroccan recipes, the real deal as I like to call them, either from my mother’s cookbook or from my favorite cookbooks. They are easy, they are delicious and your taste buds will be thrilled!

01. Moroccan Lamb Tagine with Caramelized Fruits

moroccan lamb tagine recipe

This tagine is honestly a masterpiece! It’s THE recipe that is made in every Moroccan celebration and on every special occasion. It’s made with either lamb meat or beef meat and caramelized figs, dates, and/or dried prunes. The best results are obtained when cooking in a clay tagine pot, as it helps develop the flavors beautifully. If you have a tagine pot, here is where you can find the authentic O how delicious Moroccan lamb tagine recipe.

02. Moroccan Chicken Tagine Recipe

moroccan tagine recipe
Moroccan chicken tagine

This is the easiest Moroccan chicken recipe you can make. It takes 1 hour to be ready and it uses very basic ingredients like carrots and green peas. This is honestly my go-to tagine recipe when I don’t have time. It’s quick to make, delicious and balanced. You can check this Moroccan recipe here.

03. Moroccan Carrot Salad

Moroccan carrot salad recipe
Moroccan Carrot Salad

Think of this salad as a bowl of heartwarming flavors. Moroccan carrot salad is served in Morocco as a side dish to tagines, soups, and other main dishes. It’s delicious with fresh bread and it can be served cold, tepid or hot. I usually make large batches and freeze them, and use them whenever I need to add extra flavors to my menus. Here is an authentic recipe for the Moroccan carrot salad.

04. Moroccan Chicken & Lemon Tagine Recipe

Moroccan chicken lemon tagine recipe

This is another Gem! Moroccan chicken & lemon tagine is one of the freshest and most flavorful tagines you can taste. It’s so full of flavors and hearty thanks to the smart combination of chicken, preserved lemons, marinated olives. The best results are obtained when cooking in a traditional clay pot, so if you have one, here is THE BEST cookbook to learn how to make Moroccan recipes in a tagine pot.

05. Moroccan Bissara (Split Pea Soup) Recipe

moroccan recipe split pea soup

This is by far one of my favorite soups. It’s called Bissara and it’s made with split pea, olive oil, and some herbs and aromatics. It’s UNMISSABLE and incredibly creamy, using only healthy ingredients. In Morocco, some cold regions love to have it at breakfast to benefit from its warming and anti-oxidant properties. Here is how to make traditional Moroccan Bissara soup.

06. Moroccan Orange Salad Recipe

Moroccan dessert salad recipe
Moroccan Orange Dessert

This Moroccan orange salad is one of the quickest and healthiest desserts you can make. It requires only three ingredients that combine incredibly well. In Morocco, we love to serve it as a dessert after a tagine dish. It’s refreshing and has relaxing properties thanks to the orange blossom water. Here is the authentic recipe for the Moroccan orange salad.

07. Moroccan mint tea Recipe

Moroccan mint tea preparation

Traditional Moroccan mint tea is part of every Moroccan menu. You can’t enter a Moroccan house and not be served this delicious minty tea with some pastries and/or almonds. In Morocco, it’s part of our everyday lives and we can have it two to three times a day. The good news is, it’s really easy to make and you are only a few ingredients away from making this delicious drink.


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