Finding the Best Moroccan Teapot

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decorated Moroccan silver teapot

Finding the Best Moroccan Teapot

You probably already know it: traditional Moroccan mint tea is served in a special Moroccan tea set composed of a Moroccan tea pot (also called Moroccan kettle), a Moroccan tea tray, and some beautifully decorated Moroccan tea glasses.

Moroccan teapot
Beautiful Moroccan teapot set

Growing up in Morocco, Moroccan mint tea was part of my everyday life. And that is the case for almost every person living in Morocco.

In fact, Moroccan families make Moroccan mint tea daily, once or twice a day. It is the beverage we drink at family gatherings and to chill and unwind.

Now, whenever I feel homesick, I make some Moroccan mint tea, and my mood instantly improves. The sweet minty smell and the silver tea set always bring back memories of happy gatherings with some of my favorite people.

Moroccan family, moroccan teapot, moroccan mint tea & pastries
A typical Moroccan gathering, serving Moroccan mint tea and pastries |© Bruno Barbey, Fez, Morocco, 1983

Making Moroccan mint tea is easy. It requires a few ingredients, and the total cooking time is only 10 minutes.

The most important thing about making Moroccan mint tea is having the right teapot. Of course, you can get away with letting the ingredients infuse in water like with most tea infusions. But to get that special taste everyone craves in Moroccan mint tea, you will need a special Moroccan teapot.

The good news? Moroccan teapots are a good kitchen investment that you won’t regret buying. You can use them for making Moroccan mint tea or for serving any beverage, like coffee, juice, and wine. It’s chic and decorative.

There are, though, a few things to remember before getting one for your kitchen.

Tips for Buying the Best Moroccan Teapot

Here are the main things to check when shopping for a Moroccan teapot:

1- Resistance to Heat

A good Moroccan teapot should be heat resistant, as it will be in direct contact with stove heat for at least 2 minutes.

To make authentic Moroccan mint tea, Moroccans steep tea and mint leaves in boiling water for a few minutes. This means that the teapot should be able to handle very high temperatures for a short period of time.

If you are considering using your ceramic or clay teapot, let me tell you, it’s a bad idea. I tried once, and my beautiful teapot cracked in no time!

Your Moroccan teapot should be heat resistant. it should be specified by the vendor as many Moroccan teapots are for decorative purposes, meaning you can use them to serve tea but not to make it.

Moroccan tea pot with mint tea
A Moroccan teapot that supports gas stove heat

2- Focusing on feet-free teapots

Another tip I always recommend is focusing on feet-free teapots. Feet-free means the teapot will not have feet like the one in the picture below. Teapots with no feet are compatible with most stove types.

basic Moroccan teapot
Feet-free Moroccan teapot

Moroccan teapots with feet are usually used for serving purposes only, like the one below.

Stainless steel Moroccan teapot
Moroccan teapot with feet

3- Moroccan Teapot Serving Size

In Morocco, traditional mint tea is served in small Moroccan cups. Quality is more important than quantity, and it’s very rare to be served more than two cups during the same gathering.

Moroccans drink their tea very slowly until it is no longer hot, then the host pours a little more to warm their cup. If you are hosting 4+ people, get a 32oz teapot. Otherwise, a 16oz teapot will be more than enough (and will cost less).

moroccan tea glasses
Typical Moroccan tea glasses

Moroccan tea glasses come in all colors and designs. They can be discrete or bold. Moroccans also love mixing different glass colors in the same set. There are no rules, and it all comes to your personal taste.

Moroccan tea glasses
Moroccan tea sets with different styles and colors

4- Teapot Quality

When it comes to Moroccan teapots, the quality varies A LOT, depending on the artisan/merchant, composition, and weight of the teapot.

Most teapots available in the market are very lightweight, which means that the engravings are going to be of lower quality, but also means the teapot is not going to be long-lasting. These teapots are often at very competitive prices. While they might be interesting for someone who doesn’t care about quality and durability, they are a trap for someone looking for artisanally made Moroccan teapots.

The many so-called Moroccan teapots in the market are made in China or India and have nothing to do with Morocco or artisanal craftsmanship. They are made in factories, usually with lower quality, and they often copy Moroccan designs.

On the other hand, artisanally-made Moroccan teapots are made to last if used correctly. They are better quality and more durable, with precise and gorgeous engravings. We have in my family some artisanal Moroccan teapots that are over 50 years old and still look amazing!

vintage Moroccan teapot
Gorgeous Moroccan teapot from the 1960s

So, What’s the Best Moroccan Teapot?

If you are looking for a high-quality artisanal Moroccan teapot that can be used on any stove type, this traditional Moroccan teapot is the one I use in my kitchen and when hosting Moroccan parties. It was handmade and hand engraved in Morocco by artisans in Fez and the quality is really hard to beat.

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Could you recommend another teapot in stock

February 11, 2021

I have a friend who just bought a home and she is Moroccan, I wanted to give her a house warming gift. I was thinking of a teapot set but the ones you suggested is sold out. What are others you recommend or when someone buys a home what are traditional house warming gift suggestions ?


Response from Moroccanzest

Hi Erika, Can you wait another 2 weeks or so? If yes, Little Moroccan Things is going to restock very soon. They bring teapots from Morocco, and with the current covid situation, the re-stocking takes time. They have the perfect products if you are looking for authentic Moroccan handicrafts made by artisans.

If you need a recommendation sooner, I sent you an email to discuss further. Warmly. Safa


February 23, 2020

Thanks that was a lovely read and helpful for buying a new teapot. I have bought a second-hand teapot which needs cleaning. I cannot tell what it is made from as it is dark grey and tarnished. It had a stamp into the metal on the underside which has what looks like a leaping deer or horse and some Moroccan writing with two star shapes, all inside an oval. Does this mean it’s silver? Once I know what it is made of, I can decide whether to use it and how to best clean it. It is very pretty.


Response from Moroccanzest

Thanks, Marilyn ♡ Happy you enjoyed reading this guide.

About your teapot, I don’t think the stamp means it’s silver-made. We have a quite similar stamp on our teapots on LittleMoroccanThings and they are stainless steel. The stamp usually shows where the teapot was made or who made the teapot. It’s like a signature.

You can send me the picture via contact[at] and I can check for you 😉 -xxx

Amazing guides

June 7, 2019

Thank you Safa for these guidelines on how to buy a Morrocan tea pot, I have two my self but am not sure if they are silver or stainless steel but I noticed that they are stamped with numbers one is holding number 64 while the other is stamped with no. 21 I hope you can advise me of their meaning … thanks


Response from Moroccanzest

Hi Fadwa, I just checked my teapots and they have numbers too (18/10 for me), along with the mention ”stainless steel”. Those numbers indicate the grade of stainless steel or the material the teapot is made of.

Normally, your teapot should have a mention of the material used, so make sure to double check (it might be hidden somewhere). Also, where did you buy it from? Was it a specialized seller? In all cases, here is a guide on stainless steel grades, very helpful -xx

Very Helpful Recommendations

June 1, 2019

We noticed that the same Amazon seller now has a larger 1-liter version so we ordered

this teapot

e hope it will go well with the pre-owned set of tea glasses we purchased from a local Tangier merchant. We had limited luggage space so this arrangement worked perfectly.

Now to find a suitable tray and cookie server!


Response from Moroccanzest

I used to recommend this teapot until it went out of stock. I’ll keep your link in case someone is interested in a bigger size. Thanks, David, and hope you find what you’re looking for! -xx

love at first sight!

March 11, 2019

I so much love the silver teapot you shared! It’s currently out of stock so I will keep my eyes on it. Thank you for the great references and tips!


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