Morocco’s Most Inspiring Festivals and Events in 2022

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Morocco’s Most Inspiring Festivals and Events in 2022

These are some of the best and most inspiring festivals and events in Morocco. I highly encourage you to attend as your trip allows. Some of these Moroccan festivals and events have been celebrated for centuries. With their concentration of culture, history, and art, you will leave very different and very inspired. If you would like to know more about each event and festival (dates, program, official website, how to get there, etc), I include a link to the detailed event page.

The Best Festivals and Events in Morocco

1- Gnaoua World Music Festival in Essaouira

gnawa music festival morocco

The Gnaoua – also spelled Gnawa – world music festival is an unmissable part of the cultural calendar of the city of Essaouira and of Morocco in general. It was presented as Morocco’s gospel and one of the best festivals in the world by the British “Songlines Magazine”.

2- Morocco's Rose Festival in Kalaat M''Gouna

This festival takes place in the valley of M”Gouna which offers one of the most beautiful rose landscapes in southern Morocco.

The festival is meant to celebrate the end of the roses harvest. During the festival, the inhabitants put on their finest clothes and spray each other with rose water and rose petals. 

Every year, a single woman will be elected Miss of the Roses for the day. She will be paraded on a gorgeous flowery and decorated float, accompanied by music and songs.

3- The World Sacred Music Festival in Fes

fes music festival

This prestigious music festival features musicians from all over the world who take to the stages of the medina – the city’s downtown – to play spiritual sounds that sometimes date back to the dawn of time. 

During this festival, music celebrates spirituality, reconciling cultures and religions. Truly life-changing! 

4- Morocco's Sefrou Cherry festival

Sefrou Cherry Festival

The Moroccan Cherry Festival originally launched in 1920 in the city of Sefrou, where it still takes place every year to celebrate a gorgeous city – known for its  cherry blossoms. The festival also celebrates the beauty of Moroccan women through a contest to elect Miss Cherry. 

In 2012,  the Moroccan Sefrou Cherry Festival was inscribed by UNESCO on the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list.

5- Morocco's Marriage Festival in Imilchil

The festival is born from a romantic Berber tale. It assembles up to 30,000 mountain dwellers under tents with their flocks, horses, and camels. 

Accompanied by their parents, young people come to the festival after a hard-working year to find love. The Imilchil marriage festival lasts three days and can be attended by locals as well as tourists.


6- Jidar: Morocco's Street Art Festival

Every year, Jidar – or wall in Arabic – brings together talented Moroccan and international artists to produce street artworks that reflect their cultural heritage and distinct artistic style. The festival takes place in Rabat, Morocco’s capital. It is a true celebration of street art.

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