The Best Morocco Itineraries [with Map]

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The Best Morocco Itineraries [with Map]

If you are looking for the best 5, 7, or even 10+ days itinerary in Morocco, then buckle up! This guide will encompass different Morocco route guides options, depending on your preferences and travel style. Whether you want your 10 days in Morocco to be adventurous, intense, or relaxed, I’ve got you covered.

I still spend most of my vacations in Morocco and I never stay in the same place even if I’m there for only a weekend. With 10 days in Morocco, you have enough time to see most of the country.

Morocco is a fantastic country to relax, unwind, and discover a new culture and history. It’s one of the rarest countries in the world that offer different vibes, depending on where you are.

The Best Itineraries for 10+ Days in Morocco

I will detail two optimized Moroccan itineraries I always go by. These 10 days trips in Morocco are also the ones most Moroccan tour agencies have in their portfolio. The good news is that you can plan them yourself and save A LOT of money.

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The 10 days Morocco itineraries we are going to describe are designed for those with a conservative budget. We will try to avoid overspending through hiring local guides except when really needed, and traveling with public transportations or taxis. Note that Morocco is well routed with a pretty reliable public transportation system linking the main cities.

The first option for your 10 days trip in Morocco is if you want to really see most of Morocco and if you are ready to be frequently on the road. Who knows when you would be able to visit the country again, right? This itinerary is GREAT if you want to see many things in a very short amount of time, but be ready for your enemy number one: fatigue – a good one though! 

The second option for your 10 days Moroccan itinerary focuses on a specific region and visits most of its surroundings. It’s the best itinerary if you want to unwind and relax, spend lazy mornings by Moroccan Riad pools, enjoy your Moroccan dishes, get lost in the Medinas, and still capture the local Moroccan culture.

But Before We Get Started …

Below is What Not to Miss in Morocco Whatever your Itinerary Is!

When you travel to Morocco, there are a few things that you can enjoy in almost every city and in every season. So make sure you include them on your trip.

Moroccan cuisine is definitely one thing to not miss. I always recommend trying as many authentic Moroccan dishes as possible during your trip, including local food and street food. Your taste buds will be in heaven!

Moroccan itinerary food
Moroccan food options are endless! Explore as many as you can!

When booking your Airbnb or hotel in Morocco, try to spend a few days in a traditional Riad. Riads are authentic Moroccan houses inspired by palace architectures and characterized by their beautiful decorative tiles, greenery, terraces, and a relaxing pool. They will make your stay much dreamier and honestly, there is nothing like having a lazy Moroccan breakfast on a Riad terrace. They can also be more affordable than traditional hotels, so don’t overlook them!

riad in marrakech
Riad in Marrakech

Shopping for souvenirs and Moroccan handicrafts is another experience that you can have in almost every Moroccan city. You can shop for beautiful and unique decor items (rugs, poufs, pillowcases, lanterns, etc), jewelry, spices and so much more. Even as a Moroccan, I always get back from Morocco packed with many local products. Just look thoroughly in Moroccan Medinas and you can find some unique gems at a bargain price.

Marrakech souk medina
Shopping handmade rugs in Marrakech Medina
Hammams in Morocco

Last but not least, please please, please! Book a Hammam experience when being in Morocco. Hammams are Moroccan SPAs and they are one of the best ways to get deep skin and hair cleanse and relax every cell of your body. I always book a Hammam at the end of most of my trips to Morocco to relax and wrap up my Moroccan experience in a pretty little bow.

atlas mountains trip morocco
From Marrakech, you can get to the Atlas Mountains and hike to the peak of the Toubkal: 4,165 meters (13,665 ft)

Morocco 10 days Itinerary Option 1: ”I want to see it all

Okay, let’s get you started then! We will go over the first 10 days Morocco itinerary that will allow you to (hold your breath): relax and bath in both the Atlantic ocean and Mediterranean sea, hike in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, and visit multiple Moroccan cities with completely different vibes and themes, spend a night in the Sahara desert, visit several UNESCO World heritage sites, all while enjoying Moroccan delicious and mouth-watering cuisine!

Exploring Northern Morocco: Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier and Chefchaouen

This Morocco route starts in Casablanca, the economical capital, and the heartbeat of the country. It’s a great city to start your visit to Morocco as it has Morocco Mohammed V airport (CMN), one of the most routed aeroports in the country. Flights to Mohammed V airport tend to be cheaper too.

Casablanca has a lot to show, mixing modernity and authenticity. You can relax and recharge your energy in one of the coy cafés and bars at La Corniche Ain Diab. Other stops include the Great Mosque Hassan 2, a splendid mosque built on the waters, the old Medina, and the famous Rick’s café Restaurant, inspired by the movie Casablanca.

itinerary morocco 10 days casablanca medina
Casablanca Medina
casablanca 10 days itinerary Morocco
Sunset at a La Corniche restaurant/bar
ricks café casablanca
Evening at Rick’s café

From Casablanca, you can head to Rabat city, the administrative capital of Morocco. Rabat is smaller and so much calmer than Casablanca, yet with many stunning spots. Visiting Rabat takes a few hours and you can easily visit Rabat top spots, including the Kasbah Al Oudaya, a UNESCO World Heritage site; the Hassan Tower, the Bouregreg river, the old medina and it’s traditional shops, and the Chellah Necropolis.

A glimpse to the Hassan tower from the Bouregreg River, Rabat.
Rabat itinerary morocco
Chellah forteress, Rabat
hassan tower rabat morocco
The Hassan tower, Rabat

From Rabat, you can hop on the train and go to Tangier, the white city. Located only a few miles from Spain, you can have a splendid sight of the other continent while enjoying your tea in the popular coffee/tea shop Hafa. Make sure you don’t miss walking in the seaside Medina, the waterfront promenade, and the Petit Socco, Tangier’s historic square with many merchant streets. Oh, and watch for Tangier’s local street food!

tangier 10 days itinerary morocco
Tangier Medina and seaside

The next station is Chefchaouen, the blue city, perched in the Rif Mountains. The city is simply gorgeous, chill, and one of the most photogenic cities in Morocco. Make sure to walk through the blue-washed streets, visit the Grand Mosque, the Spanish Mosque, take pictures of cats (they are everywhere!) and enjoy the local terraces while eating delicious Chefchaouen specialty dishes.

chefchaouen morocco itinerary
Walking the blue streets of Chefchaouen
chefchaouen morocco
Prepare yourself to do a little physical activity, Chefchaouen is perched in the Atlas Mountains!
chefchaouen guide
Blue, flowery, colorful Chefchaouen

Exploring Fez city and its surroundings

At this stage, you would have visited Casablanca, the economical capital of the country, Rabat, the administrative capital of the country, Chefchaouen and Tangier, two gorgeous and very touristic cities in Morocco. The next stop is Fez, the spiritual and cultural capital of Morocco.

Fez is one of Africa’s oldest cities, very charged in history and in symbols. Its Medina (downtown) is the oldest in the world and a UNESCO heritage with dozens of beautifully preserved historical spots. Fez will definitely make you travel in time.

Fez 10 days itinerary morocco
Fez Medina

Fez is also full of talented artisans who preserve their art and craftmanship throughout generations. If you are looking for handmade souvenirs, beautiful decor items, or authentic Moroccan jewelry, you will be thrilled!

Fez Medina, Morocco
Artisan in Fez Medina, Morocco

A few miles from Fez, you’ll find the ruins of Volubilis, a fascinating UNESCO World Heritage site that has been the household of the Berber kingdom, the Romans, and the Idrissi dynasty. Next to Volubilis, you’ll find the city of Meknes, one of the four imperial cities of Morocco (along with Rabat, Fez, and Marrakech). Meknes is the little sister of Fez, with a charged history and a lot of charm!

Volubilis ruins Fez Morocco
Volublis Ruins, Morocco

Exploring the South of Morocco: Marrakech, Erg Chebbi, Ouarzazate, Ait Benhaddou

The south of Morocco has a totally different vibe than the North’s. The climate is dry and during the summer, temperatures can be really hot averaging 37C (98F). That’s why I always recommend avoiding the southern portion of this 10-days itinerary during the July-August period unless you are used to hot temperatures and you are in great shape.

Marrakech will be your first stop. And you probably already heard of this internationally cherished Moroccan city.

Marrakech, also called the Red City or the Ocher city, is also one of Morocco’s oldest and most authentic cities. Jemaa El Fna square is a must-see with its snake charmers, storytellers, street food stalls, and artisanal shops. The vibe of this square is unique and is worth spending part of the day and the night walking through it to see the ambiance change and witness the different shows and attractions.

Marrakech 10 days itinerary morocco
Jemaa El Fna square by night

Marrakech is full of great places to see. Let yourself wander the Medina (downtown) narrow and labyrinthic streets, navigating artisan’s shop and eating local street food. You also have many historic and beautiful spots like the koranic school of Ben Youssef Madrasa, Dar Si Said Museum, El Badii Palace, Bahia Palace, Saadien’s tombs, or the beautiful mosque El Kotobia. And there is much much more.

Marrakech morocco
Menara palace, Marrakech

From Marrakech you can head to Moroccan gorgeous desert and you will have plenty of options. Ksar Ait Benhaddou Oasis is one spot that you should absolutely visit if you love dreamy landscapes. The village is a UNESCO world heritage, surrounded by water and palmiers, and the views it offers are one of a kind.

desert itinerary morocco
Ksar Ait Benhaddou, Morocco

If you want to experience the Moroccan desert with its gigantic dunes, camel rides, and romantic nights, you can head to Ouarzazate and join a group tour to Erg Chebbi.

morocco desert
A night in the desert, Morocco

Unfortunately, I wouldn’t recommend visiting Erg Chebbi or any other desert spot without a local guide, as you need the proper tools and professional knowledge to navigate the place. This is the only section from this 10-days itinerary where you will need a local guide or tour agency.

Desert tours are also available from Marrakech and you can find all price options, from budget-friendly to luxury tours.

10 days Moroccan itinerary desert

Morocco 10 days Itinerary Option 2: ”I want to relax and explore Morocco

Relaxing and enjoying a specific region of Morocco is the best option if you want to chill and enjoy Moroccan food, Moroccan rooftops, Moroccan Hammams, and Moroccan gorgeous Riad. I often recommend this itinerary for people traveling on their honeymoon or looking for a trip to relax and unwind.

Here, the options are infinite but I mainly recommend 3 itineraries that are inspired by the ”I want to see it all” itinerary above. They are also the itineraries most tour agencies offer for their customers!

Morocco 10-days Itinerary for beach lovers

The first option for this relaxed 10-days itinerary includes the cities of Tangier, Chefchaouen, Asilah, and Tetouan. It’s the perfect option to enjoy Moroccan authenticity, historic Medinas, and have easy access to beautiful beaches and coasts.

tangier 10 days morocco
tangier morocco
Tangier coast

Morocco 10-days itinerary for history lovers

The second option for this relaxed 10-days Moroccan itinerary includes cities from the center of Morocco, like Fez, Meknes, and Volubilis. This itinerary is perfect for history, culture, and architecture lovers.

Fez morocco
Meknes Madrassa
Historical Madrassa, Meknes

Morocco 10-days itinerary for exploration lovers

The last itinerary is dedicated to exploring the south of Morocco and the Moroccan desert. If you want to chill but still have a little adventure, this itinerary will be perfect. I wouldn’t recommend though traveling during the summer, except if you want to fry! The best seasons are spring (March thru May) or fall (September thru November). Other than that, it can get too hot.

In this 10-days itinerary, you can include Marrakech, the Atlas Mountains, Kelaat M’gouna, Ouarzazate, Ait Benhaddou, and the desert. Make sure you find a reliable local guide or tour agency for the desert part, as you can’t go by yourself for security reasons.

Climbing the Atlas Mountains offers a unique experience in rural Morocco. With some tour agencies, you can even meet locals and spend the night in one of the local villages. Very grounding!

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