Morocco’s Weather and Average Temperatures

Morocco's Weather

Morocco’s Weather and Average Temperatures

Many think Morocco is made of arid deserts where camels are the only mean of transportation.

Well, this is not completely false! In fact, some famous spots in Morocco are located in the hot sunny Moroccan desert and camels are pretty popular there. However, Morocco weather varies a lot depending on where you are in the country.

There are hundreds of cities in Morocco so I won’t overwhelm you with weather data of each one of these cities. There are many great websites like Holiday Weather that will give you great forecasts. What I will do instead is give you the tools to be able to logically deduct Morocco weather in most regions.

Let’s dig into all that.

Understanding Morocco Weather

Morocco, like the other Northern Hemisphere countries, has a winter that lasts from December to February, and a summer that lasts from June to August.

Mountains, coasts, and desert create different climates across the country so temperatures vary a lot depending on where you are. Basically, you can travel to Morocco any time of the year, and that is really great, right?

However, checking Morocco weather becomes very important if you are planning on having specific experiences like hiking, surfing or visiting the desert. Choosing the best time to travel to Morocco regarding these activities is very crucial.

Average High/Low Temperatures and Rainfall in Marrakech

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If you are coming from the north of Morocco, Marrakech is one of the first stops where you will start feeling close to the Moroccan desert. In fact, Marrakech has a semi-arid climate, meaning it is cool during the winter and hot during the summer. Temperature easily reaches 38°C / 100°during the hot season while it lowers to 6°C / 43°F during the winter.

The best time to visit Marrakech is during fall or spring. This applies to most southern Moroccan cities like Ouarzazate and Taroudant, as you are getting closer to the desert.  

weather in Marrakech Morocco

Clear sky above the Medina, Marrakech, Morocco

Average High/Low Temperatures and Rainfall in Fez

[table id=2 /]Fez is a gorgeous and historical city located in the Middle Atlas region.

Spring and winter are often wet, with a lot of rain between November and January. But it gets rarely freezing. During summer, the weather is typically hot, sunny and dry, making it the best time to visit Fez. In fact, summer temperatures are often around 34°C / 93°F

This applies to other surrounding cities like Meknes.

weather in Fez Morocco

A gorgeous rooftop view of Fez Medina during the winter with a cloudy sky

Average High/Low Temperatures and Rainfall in Rabat

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Rabat is the administrative capital of Morocco and is located on the northern end of Morocco’s Atlantic coastline. Rabat has a Mediterranean climate, very similar to other coastal cities like Casablanca, Agadir, and Tangier.

Summer is mostly warm, sunny and dry while winter can get wet. The humidity level at the coast can get high but still feels comfortable thanks to the cooling ocean breezes.

weather in Rabat Morocco

Sunny day at the Kasbah Oudayas, Rabat, Morocco


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