3 Easy Ways to Do Pouf Stuffing​

pouf stuffing

3 Easy Ways to Do Pouf Stuffing​

3 Easy Ways to Do Pouf Stuffing

Stuffing a pouf yourself is easy, unlike what you might think. I consider myself to be a real pro when it comes to poufs stuffing. In fact, as a pouf owner, who grew up in Morocco surrounded by poufs, and someone who loves to gift poufs to friends and family members, believe me when I say stuffing a pouf yourself can be economical. It’s also better than buying a stuffed pouf as it allows you to have control over the quality of the filling material as well as decide on the degree of firmness as well.

If you are on your own, you can avoid an unsuitable and too-soft pouf. After all, you will be sitting on it. Who wants to buy a pouf and have to go out and buy more filling? It happens when manufacturers cut costs with low-quality filling high in phthalates. These are also known to affect hormones and cause health issues.

You also save a lot by stuffing your pouf yourself. Plus, the shipping expense will be lower as shipping an already stuffed pouf will cost much much more to the company you are buying your pouf from. In total, expect to save up to $100 by filling your pouf yourself. All you need are some recommendations for a durable and effective filling material.

Using Polyester Stuffing for Pouf Filling

Polyester is the most popular filling for a pouf and the one I often recommend. It is easy to find online shops at Amazon or local stores like Hobby Lobby, Walmart, and Michaels in the US.

polyester stuffing for pouf

The quantity of pouf stuffing to use will on your pouf size and on how you are planning to use your pouf: seating, for the feet, or for decor. For a medium size pouf:

  • Use about 40 ounces of polyester stuffing if you are planning to use your pouf for decor purposes. Your pouf will look absolutely wonderful.
  • If your pouf will be used as an ottoman, then using at least 60 to 80 ounces of polyester stuffing will give you the proper fitness needed.

This 80-ounce polyester stuffing is $30 on Amazon, which is a steal and will probably be enough to get a firm medium-size pouf.

Eco-friendly pouf fillings

Another tip I love to give to fill poufs is using old fabric, like old clothing, and used bed linen. You can use them alone if you have enough at home, or mix them with polyester. Using old fabric is a great way to reduce waste. Just make sure you wash these items and be sure they are fully dry before using them to fill your pouf. 

You can also use recycled newspapers and grocery store bags. No doubt they abound in your home. They make for a firm stuffing if you expect to sit on your pouf. As with old fabric, your recycled paper should be clean, and dry.


Stuffing a pouf on your own is quite doable. Remember that polyester is by far the most popular material, but you can always use recycled clothes and paper bags. You can always mix these options to achieve the desired pouf firmness.

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