Your Custom Moroccan Travel Plan


Every travel experience differs depending on the person’s preferences, budget, and goals. If you feel overwhelmed with all the opportunities Morocco offers and would like to get the most out of your trip, I’m happy to create a custom travel plan that would make your stay in Morocco magical and totally memorable.

The travel plan will include the best cities to visit depending on your preferences and current season, what to pack, shopping in the souks, safety tips, local food recommendations, and detailed steps to travel from city to city safely and comfortably.

Whether you are interested in history, adventure, partying, luxury, romantic experiences, or more, I’ll ensure your itinerary includes the best places and experiences worth your attention and speaking to your soul.

1 to 7 Days Itinerary Pack

8 to 14 Days Itinerary Pack

15 to 21 Days Itinerary Pack

Once you receive your confirmation purchase email, reply with your trip duration, preferences, and cities you would like to visit (if you already know). I typically reach back to you within 1 to 3 days to start planning the trip together. If you are staying in Morocco for a more extended period or would like a travel plan for a business trip, kindly reach out to me here.

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Travel Pack

1 to 7 days Travel Plan, 8 to 14 days Travel Plan, 15 to 21 days Travel Plan