Shopping in Morocco: Digital Guide (Direct Download from Email)

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The Only Detailed Guide to Shopping in Morocco Like a Local

Moroccan Souks and markets can overwhelm anyone unfamiliar with shopping in Morocco, with thousands of handmade products mixed with imported imitation products, and an aggressive price strategy that can discourage the toughest hagglers.

What you will learn in this ebook:

  • Identify the products in the Souk that are truly Moroccan and made by artisans,
  • Spot imitation and counterfeits,
  • Understand pricing and know what price range to expect for each product I recommend,
  • Know some of the locals’ favorite addresses to shop for authentic handmade products,
  • Save hundreds of dollars.

The ebook is sent to your email upon purchase for instant download.


16 reviews for Shopping in Morocco: Digital Guide (Direct Download from Email)

  1. Jennine F

    Great travel book! It helped me so much during my trip to Morocco!

  2. Franck T

    Do not visit Morocco without having this ebook downloaded in your phone or tablet.

  3. Dave M

    I have enjoyed reading about the exciting country of Morocco. The guide is a great resource for anyone who wants to do shopping in the Medina and the Souks.

  4. James R

    Great travel ebook and very helpful. Recommend!

  5. Dina M

    I am now back from Morocco and I am so happy I bought this ebook. I came back with many many souvenirs and I was able to score some pretty good deals. Thank you!

  6. Jeremy G

    Good guide for self planned trip to Morocco

  7. Katherine K

    If you don’t know what products to buy in Morocco, then get this ebook.

  8. Elise J

    In my first day in Marrakech I bought a Pouf and when I got back to my airbnb, my host told me the pouf was not an artisanally made Moroccan pouf, and was probably made in china. So I got this ebook and boy it helped me a lot. Very grateful!

  9. Dan H

    I bought this for my wife wants to buys rugs and other decor products from Morocco! I had a quick check through it and it’s chockablock with handy tips and information. I highly recommend!

  10. Wendy L

    This ebooks is an absolute gem and I love the fact that it is a digital book. I was able to buy it while being in Morocco and it helped me so much.

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