Download my Recipe Cards [with Free Template]

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Download my Recipe Cards [with Free Template]

Honestly, printing my recipes and organizing them in recipe cards has been the best decision I made this year. It saves me tons of time in the kitchen and I know that my recipe cards will have my back when I don’t have time to research and try new recipes.

These recipe cards are the ones I created and use on almost a daily basis. They encompass the most delicious and easy-to-make Moroccan recipes, all from my Moroccan mother’s cookbook. You will also find a free recipe card template that you can use to write down your favorite recipes. The recipe card format is double-sided to give you extra space for your ingredients list and steps.

It’s also optimized for both printing and laminating. All you have to do is print the pdf the way you would print any other document. And that’s it!

Moroccan recipes collection

For laminating, you can use affordable self-laminating sheets which is how I laminate most of my recipes.

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Moroccan chicken tagine recipe card

You can also put the recipes in regular sheet protectors and they will be ready for use. This is great if you organize your recipes in a binder.

All Moroccan recipes
  • Includes 6 Printable Moroccan Recipes Cards (Authentic Moroccan chicken tagine, Moroccan spicy carrot salad, hearty Moroccan pea soup, Moroccan cookies, Moroccan orange salad, and Moroccan mint tea)
  • Basic cooking utensils (you can use your regular pans and saucepans). Basic ingredients.
  • Instant Download
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