Savory Vegan Moroccan Dishes

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Savory Vegan Moroccan Dishes

Let’s be honest, Moroccans love meat. In fact, it is very rare to meet a Moroccan who is vegan. However, Moroccan cuisine counts many delicious vegetarian Moroccan food and dishes that are really worth the try, whether you are a vegan or not.

Moroccan cuisine is known for being one of the finest cuisines in the world. Very tasty and rich-flavored, it is also known for being a cuisine that satisfies most tastes and diets. And vegans are no exception. In fact, even if the meat is part of many Moroccan dishes, most Moroccan recipes can be prepared without it, and still be absolutely delicious.

Moroccans’ love for meat has certainly to do with Moroccan culture and religious background, however, Moroccans are more and more aware of how unhealthy a meat-based diet can be. That’s why many of them try to reduce their meat portions. I remember, years ago when I was living full time in Morocco, most local restaurants had only one vegetarian Moroccan food option for vegans and it was salads. But now, things have incredibly changed, and you can potentially order a vegan version for every Moroccan dish.

That’s also the case for restaurants outside Morocco specialized in Moroccan cuisine. Restaurant owners will certainly have at least one vegan dish in the menu to meet vegan customers diet.

That being said, if you ever find yourself in a Moroccan restaurant where you don’t see a main vegan dish (it’s very unlikely but let’s explore all the possibilities, right?), you will still have all the delicious Moroccan salads to choose from. They are vegan, colorful and so yummy with very different flavors. But I will get to that later in this post.

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Delicious Vegetarian Moroccan Food to Try

Moroccan cuisine offers many savory vegetarian dishes to choose from. Either you are visiting Morocco or planning to go to a local Moroccan restaurant, here is a list of the most delicious vegetarian Moroccan food.

  • The Moroccan Vegetarian Tagine

Moroccan vegetarian tagines are very popular in Morocco and outside the country. Moroccan tagines are part of Moroccans’ everyday meals as they are healthy, affordable and easy to make. There are dozens of varieties of Moroccan tagines and Moroccans can get very creative with recipes. There are two main categories: the salty tagines, mainly made with vegetables, and the sweet-and-salty tagines mixing vegetables and caramelized fruits. Both types can be made with meat or be completely vegan. Whether you are a vegan or not, you will be thrilled to explore the different vegan tajine recipes and versions.

delicious vegan moroccan tagine with vegetables
Sweet-and-Salty Vegan Moroccan Tajine

And the good news, Moroccan tagines are very easy to make and this recipe of the Moroccan Tagine will probably become your favorite Moroccan tagine recipe. Just skip the meat step and you will end up with a delicious vegan tagine ready in no time.

  • The Moroccan vegan couscous

Moroccan couscous is certainly one of Morocco most internationally famous and loved dishes. Many chefs around the world were inspired by it creating amazing dishes. However, the most delicious and authentic Moroccan Couscous you can taste is the one you can have in Morocco or, if you are outside Morocco, in a Moroccan restaurant held by Moroccans. Authentic Couscous is complex to make and takes time to prepare. There are many versions of Moroccan couscous (link) depending on the occasion, and the couscous with 7 vegetables is the most common one. Although it is traditionally made with meat, many Moroccan restaurants have now the vegetarian version which is also very popular among Moroccans.

Moroccan food vegetarian
The 7 Vegetables Vegan Moroccan Couscous
  • Moroccan Salads

There is nothing boring about Moroccan salads. I visited many countries and tried many local salads, and Moroccan salads are for me, with no doubt, among the best.

Moroccan salads are an important part of the Moroccan table. The more salads, the better. They are generally served in small plates at the same time as the main dish, so you can eat from both.

They also have different flavors, so each salad is really unique. You can try making this Moroccan carrot salad which is delicious and super easy to make. You will thank me later!

Food vegetarian in Moroccan
A Plate Full of a Variety of Vegan Moroccan Salads>/center>

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