11 Important Things Morocco is Famous For [2023]

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11 Important Things Morocco is Famous For [2023]

If I wanted to write a list of all the things Morocco is famous for, it would take me ages and pages. Born and raised in Morocco, I still spend months in the country yearly. I know Morocco more than any other country, and I love talking about every little detail.

Instead of a lengthy and exhausting post about what Morocco is known for, this post will give a summary of moroccanzest‘s most consulted topics about Morocco. Whether planning a trip to Morocco or just curious about this country, it will give you all the curated information you need.

I travel frequently, and there aren’t many countries offering as many diverse experiences as Morocco. If you live a few hours away from Morocco, you can even hop on a plane for a weekend, and you’ll be amazed at what you can do in those 48 hours.

Unfortunately, many visitors stick to the basics and don’t explore the full potential of Morocco. They get confused about what Morocco is famous for, thinking it is a desert land full of oases and camels. This is not incorrect, actually, but there is much much more.

famous snake charmers marrakech
Snake charmers in Marrakech

The reason I spend most of my vacations in Morocco (besides the fact that I still have family there) is that I can have different experiences depending on the weather and my location. Many exciting activities can be done throughout the year that most visitors are delighted with.

If you plan to visit Morocco, I know how overwhelming this country can be. Every city seems to offer different opportunities, and the weather can vary extremely depending on where you are on the map. If you need help planning your trip, whether on a budget on not, you can check my custom travel planning packs. Whatever your interests are (history, partying, adventure, shopping, luxury, romantic experiences, or others), I’ll ensure your custom plan includes the best places and experiences worth your attention and speaking to your soul.

11 Things Morocco is Famous For

1.      The Atlas Mountains

Let’s start with an unpopular Moroccan experience yet one of the best, especially for nature lovers.

Moroccan Atlas Mountains are covered with lacy cedars and scrubby pines, and the peaks (up to 4,167 meters / 13,671 ft) are covered with snow, even in the warmer months. Truly stunning, the Atlas Mountains have one of the best views from bottom to top.

famous Moroccan toubkal mountains
Gorgeous view for the Toubkal [4,167 meters / 13,671 ft] in the Atlas Mountains

Besides the beautiful nature, hiking the Atlas mountains is a great way to explore Moroccan mountain villages where dwellers have a minimalistic lifestyle. If this part intrigues you, you can even join some private tours where you’ll get immersed and be a dwellers’ guest. So grounding!

mountain dweller morocco
Crossing a mountain dweller in the atlas mountains

2.      The Moroccan Desert & Sahara

Moroccan desert is my happy place, and it may become yours too! Once you are surrounded by gigantic dunes and have no clue where you are. Then spend the night by the fire under the stars and wake up on a breathtaking desert sunrise. You will feel so far away from all your problems and your everyday struggles.

It’s one of the most inspiring experiences you can have in Morocco.

famous moroccan desert
A romantic night under the stars in the Moroccan desert
air benhaddou desert
Ait Benhaddou Oasis in the Moroccan desert

If the desert experience is appealing to you, check out my favorite desert spots in Morocco.

3.      Moroccan Wild Beaches & Azure Coasts

Morocco is home to incredibly diverse coasts. Whether you like azure luxurious beaches, surf spots or wild beaches, you will be served!

Below is a wild beach in the Moroccan desert, with only wild beach waves, sand dunes, and no soul around. I am having goosebumps just thinking about the trekking experience! Something you will remember for a lifetime, right?

famous wild Moroccan beach
Fascinating wild Moroccan beach in the Moroccan desert. Many tour agencies can help you get there, but never go alone!

If you are a beach person or love adventure, check this guide about Morocco’s best beach spots.

4.      Moroccan Ski Resorts

You are probably thinking: What? Skiing in Morocco? Well yes! You can find a few ski resorts in the Atlas mountains, and many tourists come from around the world to live the experience.

famous Moroccan ski resort
Moroccan ski resort in the Atlas Mountains

5.      Morocco Monuments, Architecture & History

Morocco is home to different architectural styles, reflecting the country’s rich history.

Phoenicians and Romans’ footprints are still visible in many monuments in Morocco, especially in the cities of Fez and Meknes.

famous Moroccan monuments
Volubilis (also called Oualili) is a partly excavated Roman and Berber city in Morocco located near the city of Meknes

The Arabs conquered Morocco in the 7th century and introduced their civilization. Islam had a great following and many monuments in the country still show how powerful the Arab civilization was at the time.

And some cities like Casablanca and Rabat still carry the European fingerprint in many of their buildings.

Famous Moroccan building casablanca
European style building in Casablanca

6.     Moroccan Food

Moroccan food
Moroccan tagine dish

I often get hungry just by thinking about Moroccan dishes.

Moroccan cuisine is one of the most delicious, fragrant, and balanced cuisines out there. It uses a combination of vegetables, meats, spices, and herbs to create dishes that people remember for years!

popular Moroccan tagine
The internationally famous Moroccan Tagine

With all the dishes Moroccan cuisine has to offer (and there are dozens!), every trip to Morocco is an exciting culinary experience. The good thing? In Morocco, you will find good and affordable restaurants in every city. No need to pay a heavy check to enjoy this fragrant cuisine.

famous Moroccan food
Moroccan breakfast serving Moroccan pancakes, Moroccan mint tea, goat cheese, and Moroccan marinated olives

If you want to give Moroccan cuisine a try, you will need a tagine clay pot, which is Morocco traditional cookware. This tagine pot is what makes every Moroccan dish so heavenly tasty.

Moroccan tagine pot
Cooking in a Moroccan tagine pot

tagine pots are also The healthiest cookware in the market as it preserves the vitamins in your food and doesn’t transfer any bad chemicals. Here is a detailed guide on finding and choosing a Moroccan tagine pot.

7.      Morocco Unique Culture

Traveling to Morocco will immerse you in a new culture, probably very different from yours. And the best mindset to have is to embrace it.

There are many aspects to Moroccan culture manifesting in everyday behaviors like in tipping, greetings, dressing up, and relationship with food. Exploring a whole new culture is really refreshing and stimulating. If you’ve never been to Morocco, Moroccan culture will probably surprise you in a good way.

Moroccan woman entirely covered
Should all women cover up entirely in Morocco?
Check this post about how to dress in Morocco

8.      Morocco Cats

When you visit Morocco you will see a lot of cats … in some improbable places!

Most Moroccan cats are street cats. Still, they are well taken care of most of the time.

sleeping cat chefchaouen morocco
Sleepy cat in Chefchaouen, Morocco.

Some cities like Chefchaouen and Tangier are full of street cats. For animal lovers and photography enthusiasts, this alone is great attraction.

Whenever I visit Morocco I make sure I have some croquettes and cats sweets with me. It always creates fun interactions.

Feeding the cats of Tangier
More Moroccan cats photography here.

9.      Moroccan Hammams

If you like SPA treatments and massages then I am beginning you, please please add Hammams to your to-do list when you visit Morocco.

Hammams in Morocco

To be completely honest, I prefer Moroccan Hammams to regular western SPAs. The experience can be much more relaxing with real tangible benefits.

Traditional Moroccan Hammams take place in a steam room and last between 30 minutes to 1.5 hours. During that time, your skin and hair get deeply cleansed and nourished like you probably never experienced before. The process uses natural and luxurious products, like clay, rose petals, and premium Argan oil. You can even skip the shampoo and use natural clay shampoo to detox from chemical cosmetics. Another good thing is that Moroccan Hammams are not expensive. They are most of the time less expensive than regular SPAs and massage centers.

I always like to have my Hammam at the end of my trip to get relaxed and clean and hydrate my skin after days in the sun. It’s also the perfect way to end the Moroccan experiences and wrap it up in a pretty little bow.

10.      Morocco is Home to the World First University

The university of Al-Qarawiyin (Al-Karaouine), is the world’s first university. It was founded in 859 AC and it is still operating today. The founder was a powerful and intellectual Moroccan woman called Fatima Al Fihria who wanted to give locals equal access to science and religious studies.

Famous Moroccan university
The Quaraouiyine University

Al-Qarawiyin university is located in Fez, Morocco cultural and spiritual city and a UNESCO world heritage.

11.      The Medinas, Full of Treasures and Original Handicrafts

This is by far one of the topics I get the most questions about! Morocco is known for its Medinas, which are cities’ historical downtowns and the place to hunt for traditional handicrafts.

All Moroccan handicrafts, like jewelry, rugs, leather items and teapots can be found in the Medina. They are often made by craftsmen who are passionate about their job and who inherited their skills from their grandparents.

famous Moroccan handcrafts
Moroccan craftsmen in his workshop, in Fez Medina.

Unlike what many might think, it’s often best to go shopping in Morocco by yourself, and not with a local guide. In most cases, local guides get commission and mathematically, they earn more if you pay more!

The shopping experience in Morocco is really one of a kind. It is also very convenient as it can be done in most Moroccan cities during all seasons. Even if I go to Morocco many times a year, each time I make sure I visit the Medina to buy some souvenirs and re-stock some traditional essentials.

shopping in Morocco
Shopping Rugs in Marrakech

Most Moroccan souvenirs will make you think of Morocco for weeks and even years. Some of them can be passed through generations. When shopped wisely, they make a really great investment.

moroccan inspiration


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June 16, 2023

I love morocco soo much, I was living in San Diego, CA, USA for 18 years but when i moved to morocco the culture, Food, The Monuments, Cats (all pets) I can’t move out of morocco!

And now i’m 47, I LOVED IT Soo Much!


Response from Moroccanzest

Ohhh, glad you enjoy Morocco! It’s truly a beautiful country! -xx

Morocco is so wonderul

June 16, 2023

The food the culture everything about it is great I may even live there 1 day I definitely recommend going to Morocco



December 15, 2022

Love it so much



December 15, 2022

Well, my friend, you are right 100% I live there and was born there it’s just incredible that Morroco is the only country like this to have many things to do in a little time and a little money and souvenirs and also the hammams are wow incredibly helpful and makes your skin pure just like the spa. I really appreciate you for speaking good facts about Morroco.

Hamza sahraui

Some trace of bias here

November 7, 2022

I’m originally from Morocco. Loved there almost half of my life. The rest between the USA and Canada. After years of not going back. I did she n 2009. It was an amazing experience. Another Morocco that I have never seen before. Less joyful but more fun. I know it’s weird.

I remember driving back from the white beach near guelmim. And this gentleman who run out the f gas was stranded in the middle of nowhere. It’s the desert I mean.

As a typical Moroccan. I pulled over and offered my help. He accepted my help but just half way. Drive him to a gas station and he’d call a family member to drive him back to his car. I refused of course. I wouldn’t have felt better until he’s completely safe.

Long story short. I’ll never forgot to be Moroccan. And this gentleman calls me every year and insists on a visit to pay me back. ( not pay. But show gratitude, respect and love). It’s been 13 years. I’ve never gone back there.

It’s in our upbringing. We don’t do anything for a payback. Just people’s smile a more than all the pleasures in life.

Go and visit. All over the country is amazing. It just depends on what you’d be comfortable with. I personally love the south. Just amazing.


Sam frifer

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