Moroccan Lighting Ideas from Morocco

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Moroccan Lighting Ideas from Morocco

I grew up in Morocco in my family’s riad surrounded by Moroccan lamps and Moroccan light fixtures. If you’ve been to Morocco, you probably noticed how these lamps are a big part of Moroccan decor. They hand everywhere, from riad and hotel ceilings to restaurants and shops in the souks. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes and they can be lovely and intricate. Of course, they are all functional! As soon as they go on, a wonderful ambiance awaits.

A Brief History of Moroccan Light Fixtures and Moroccan Lamps

Moroccan light fixtures are a Moorish product related to Moroccan architecture. There are all sorts of cultural associations with Europe, Sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, and Persia. You might say it is culturally eclectic given the “fusion” of elements they display. Arts and crafts in the region are distinctive, making them a “cultural conduit”. This certainly applies to lamps and light fixtures.

Types of Moroccan Light Fixtures

1. Table Lamps

There is not just one style of Moroccan lamp. You may come across table lamps in a living space you are frequenting. Imagine how it would look in your own home, bringing something unique and stylish to any room. 

moroccan table lamp

2. Moroccan Hanging Lamps

But then again, you might opt for a hanging lamp for something really different. They can be placed almost anywhere once you select the size, cord length, and pattern of choice.

moroccan hanging lamp

3. Moroccan Chandeliers

A chandelier is a more dramatic option as it would be rather extravagant in a home. But it could be the exquisite final touch your dining room needs. You have many choices to suit your taste.

moroccan chandelier

4. Moroccan Lanterns

You could even group eight or nine smaller lamps to create one large effect. But don’t shy away from a Moroccan candle lantern as they impart great style to a room. It would be a simpler way to go and less complex. But for a cozy ambiance, this type of lighting is ideal. 

moroccan lanterns

Moroccan Outdoor Lighting

Moroccan lighting fixtures as described are not limited to indoor spaces. They are widely used outdoors as any visitor to the country will immediately see. They hand gloriously in patios and on terraces. They do require some care on rainy days, however. Some people go the modern route and get solar lighting.

What is the Difference Between Turkish and Moroccan Lamps?

There are definite difference in Moroccan and Turkish lamps, so you will have to make a choice if presented with both. If you prefer glass, the Turkish fixture is obvious. The designers are adept at cutting colored glass into intricate, geometrical shapes. You can choose from many unique patterns.

On the other hand, Moroccan lamps are metal, likely brass for premium lamps. Some say these fixtures are more desirable, accounting for the fact that they are expensive. You can thank the quality brass for that. But it also comes from the intricate hand engraving.

turkish and moroccan lamp

Moroccan Lighting Ideas for Your Interior

There are many ways to display a newly-acquired Moroccan fixture, but the most obvious is from the ceiling. Of course, it must be high enough or you will need a rather small item. However, there are other ways to enjoy your lamp and add to the décor. Take a tip from the luxurious palaces and riads in Morocco.

You can hang a stylish Moroccan fixture in a dining room, bedroom, or even the kitchen. They look especially nice over a table or set of chairs. How about at the end of a sofa for a pop of elegance? The effect will be spellbinding wherever it goes. Head space, however, is a must. If that is a concern, consider a floor lantern or resorting to a corner of a room where no guest will ever take refuge.

It might seem an odd place, but the bedroom could use a punch up of style too. The right choice will look lovely and create a great ambiance with warm radiating light. Over the bed is a top spot with twin pendant lanterns equidistant apart. You will need a special bracket of course. They will look like elegant sconces attached right to the wall.

Another great way to hang a lamp is over a mirror in any room for a bit of magic. The bathroom is not taboo. It creates a dappled effect so appropriate for this resting bathing space. Just throw in a few candles around the room, and you are in a Moroccan spa!

moroccan lighting ideas
Moroccan lighting ideas
moroccan lighting ideas

The Cost of Moroccan Lighting

Moroccan lamps can be pricey. But there is nothing like an artisanal and high-quality Moroccan lamp. Even a small fixture or lantern runs about $56 (600 Dhs). They go up from there to sky-high. It has to do with the size and level of craftsmanship. The hand engraving will be stunning, and the skill is passed on from generation to generation. Learn how to spot a fake and get the best quality. Avoid toxic metals above all. A reputable seller won’t steer you wrong. If you are looking for a premium custom piece, contact my team and we’ll be happy to help.

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