Moroccan Patterns

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Moroccan Patterns

If you know me you know I am attracted to patterns like a butterfly to flowers. I love patterns with interesting shapes and designs, and when they are bold and colorful like Moroccan patterns are, I am in heaven! 

Moroccan patterns are probably one of my favorite type of patterns. If I hadn’t Design knowledge, I would for sure cover my entire apartment with them. It’s just amazing how they can change the feel of a room and transform it from basic and boring to an extremely warm, attractive and lively space.

Moroccan patterns on walls, floor and table

Whenever I go to Morocco, I’ll spend a big portion of my time on my camera taking pictures of patterns and tiles … and hopefully, cats.

colorful moroccan tiles
Cat on tiles, Marrakech, Morocco

I grew up in Morocco in a house full of colored patterns. Patterns were everywhere, on walls, floors, rugs …  and growing up in this colorful environment has for sure something to do with the love I have now for colors and design.

patterns house morocco
Mix of patterns in the house I grew up in, in Morocco

If you visit Morocco, this mix of patterns and colors will probably be one of the first things to charm you. Patterns are everywhere. They can be colorful or a little more discreet. And that savant (and sometimes bold) mix-and-match is what characterizes Moroccan interior design.

blue patterns on stairs Morocco
Moroccan patterns and blue stairs in a traditional house in Chefchaouen, Morocco

Moroccan patterns use shapes likes circles and triangles in symmetric and repetitive ways, creating a beautiful harmony. This brilliant superposition of geometric shapes creates an illusion of depth and movement, even though there are is no shading and everything is two-dimensional, which is pretty amazing.

tiles in morocco
Beautiful mix of patterns in Morocco

Moroccan Patterns in Home Interior Design |Moroccan Decor Inspiration

I always get asked about adding Moroccan patterns to interior design. Good news, it can be very easy without having crazy decorating skills. Think of it as painting the walls: Instead of painting your walls to add more colors and personality to a room, you can decorate them with patterns.

Morocco print art
Gorgeous Moroccan tiles Print.
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Moroccan Tiles and Patterns: Cement Stencils vs. Sticky Wallpapers

To add Moroccan patterns to your home interior design, you basically have two main options: using real cement stencils or using sticky wallpaper tiles.

Cement tiles are probably the best option as they offer a solid and durable finish, but they can be quite costly.

The other option if you have a tight budget is to opt for sticky tiles, which can be very affordable. Some brands provide tiles with great durability and a polished and beautiful finish.

These sticky tiles are best on walls and surfaces with low contact with water and heat. For floors, cement tiles are the best as they will be much more durable.

On floors, cement tiles are the best option. On walls, sticky tiles are a good budget-friendly option

Moroccan Patterns Design Inspiration

The second question to answer is the intensity of Moroccan patterns you want in your interior decor. Do you want a full Moroccan ambiance or a light Moroccan touch? If you are a fan of Moroccan decor and love colorful home decors, you’ll probably go with the full Moroccan style, covering entire walls and/or the entire floor with patterns. 

On the other hand, if you already have a definite decor style (Modern, Bohemian, Scandinavian, etc.), adding a light touch of Moroccan patterns can be an excellent idea.

You can add patterns to a small portion of a wall to define a section in the room, the same way a colored wall defines different sections. You can, for example, add the patterns behind a sofa to define a sitting area.

moroccan wallpaper living room
Moroccan wallpaper to define living room sitting area. similar one here

Patterns can also be a gorgeous addition behind a Makeup table or vanity or to define a closet section.

moroccan patterms wall
Beautiful tiles (sticky) adding Moroccan patterns and a pop of color to a white wall and cabinet. Similar one here
moroccan wallpaper closet
Moroccan wallpaper (sticky) on a closet wall

Another idea I love is using Moroccan patterns to cover surfaces on tables and bookcases. It’s very original and unexpected, and it’s a great trick when you don’t want your home furniture to scream IKEA!

Moroccan wallpaper pattern on bookcase
Moroccan patterns (sticky) on top of a basic bookcase. Similar one here.

Whether bold or discreet, Moroccan patterns are a charming, worthwhile addition to your home decor. Choose the colors that go with your interior design and you’ll have a lot of fun, I promise!

My Moroccan Findings and Designs

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thank you for the tips

March 2, 2020

I am obsessed with Moroccan tiles since my last trip to Morocco. thank you for the tips. Just ordered some sticky tiles for my kitchen from Amazon!


Response from Moroccanzest

I am sure your kitchen will look amazing, Lily -xx

Love it!

June 28, 2019

I am a big fan of moroccan patterns . This article is awesome. Do you know from where one can purshase the wall patterns?


Oh i love these designs

June 27, 2019

Thank you for the decoration tips!


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