Plan Your Trip Smartly, Find out The Best Time to Visit Morocco!

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Best time to Visit Morocco

Plan Your Trip Smartly, Find out The Best Time to Visit Morocco!

Knowing the best time to visit Morocco is crucial if you are planning on visiting the country. No one likes to buy plane tickets and book hotel rooms to stay all day behind rainy windows, right?  

The good news is, unlike some countries that are known for having only one or two tourist-friendly seasons, you can visit Morocco any time of year. In fact, Morocco has different climates depending on where you go: Mountains, coasts, and desert create varying climates across the country.  That is why Morocco will be the perfect destination for your last minute trip planning.

I remember when I was working in the IT department of a rail company in France, I could not go on vacation during summer. Summer was a high season for train-traveling and they really needed me there. Fortunately, as I spent most of my vacations in Morocco, I was very flexible and could plan my trip any time of the year. 

However, if you are planning on having specific experiences like surfing or visiting Moroccan desert, it is better to know the best time to visit Morocco regarding these experiences. That is what I will focus on in this article. 

The Best Time to Travel to Morocco

Here is an overview of the best time of year to visit Morocco, depending on the experiences you are planning to have.

Overview of the Moroccan Weather

Morocco has the same seasonal pattern as the other Northern Hemisphere countries. Which means the winter lasts from December to February, and the summer lasts from June to August. However, temperatures will vary depending on where you are in the country.

What you need to remember is that the deeper in the south you go, the hotter it will be as you are getting closer to the Sahara Desert. That’s the reason why it is better to avoid some Moroccan cities during the summer. Marrakech, Fez, and Ouarzazate, for example, can get really hot from June to August (around 40 C / 104 F). Visiting can get really uncomfortable unless you are used to hot temperatures. But even locals, I included, can have a hard time there.

Another thing to remember is that the more you get close to the coast, the milder the temperature will be. Summer will be hot and comfortable and winter rainy but not very cold.

  • The Best Time to Visit the Moroccan Desert

The best time to visit Moroccan desert is fall or spring.

Deserts in Morocco are located in the south, making summer extra hot (around 45°C / 115°F) and winter really cold especially during the night. In fact, these last years, it got so cold that it snowed, something unusual in the region and might, unfortunately, be caused by climate change.

That being said, keep in mind that at any time of the year, the temperature in the south of Morocco drops in the night. While it can be freezing during winter, you can easily handle it during spring or fall by always having with you a warm jacket. Furthermore, if you are planning on spending the night in a local desert camp, the hosts will always have additional blankets and lit a night fire to keep you warm.

Best time to Visit Morocco

Typical camp night in a Moroccan desert

Best time to visit: fall (September to November) and spring (March to May).

  • The Best Time to Visit the Moroccan Coasts

Morocco is a lucky country with more than 1000 miles of coastline to explore.

If you like tanning and chilling on the beach, the best time to travel to Morocco would be during summer (June to August), as temperatures will be the hottest.

This period is often quite crowded so make sure you make your reservations early. If you don’t like crowded places, you can still visit Moroccan coasts in the late of spring (May) or the beginning of Fall (September) as temperatures will usually stay mild and moderate.

Best time to travel to Morocco

Gorgeous coast at Agadir, Morocco

Best time to visit: Summer (June to August)

  • The Best Time to Travel to Morocco for Surf

Moroccan Atlantic coast is known for being one of Africa’s top surf destinations. But not all beaches and all seasons are surf material.

I had to dedicate a whole paragraph to surfing because many tourists travel to Morocco during summer thinking it is the best season to surf. Which is not the case. In fact, the best time to surf in Morocco is winter (December to March). For instance, Taghazout beach, which is a very famous surf destination, has an average December sea temperature of 17°C / 62,6°F. Temperature is very comfortable and a thin wetsuit will usually be enough to keep you warm.

Best time to travel to morocco for surfing

Surfing in Taghazout coast, Morocco

Best time to visit: Winter (December to March)

  • The Best Time to Hike in the Atlas Mountains

During summer, the temperature in the Atlas mountains is usually around  32°C / 89°F, making your hiking challenging and more difficult. Moreover, it is not rare to have rain or experience cold and snow during the winter.

Basically, the best time would be spring (March to May) or fall (September to November), unless you are in good shape and plan to explore the Atlas mountains with a local guide.

I personally prefer spring and fall because, first, let’s be honest, I don’t like hiking in extreme conditions. But also because spring and fall are that time of the year where nature gets all colorful which I really love.

Best time to travel to Moroccan Atlas mountains

Amazing view from the Toubkal, the highest peak of the Atlas mountains (4167 m / 13671 ft)

Best time to visit:  Spring (March to May) and fall (September to November)


Last Updated on September 13, 2022 by Safaa (founder of moroccanzest)

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