Little Known Ways to Enjoy Morocco Beach Resorts in 2024

Last Updated on December 30, 2023 by Safaa (founder of moroccanzest)

Little Known Ways to Enjoy Morocco Beach Resorts in 2024

Are you planning on visiting Morocco and wondering about the best Morocco beach resorts you can stay in? You are in the right place! Here I will give some of the best beach hotels and Airbnb’s to have a wonderful time near gorgeous Moroccan beaches. 

Here is a list of some of Morocco’s best beach resorts in Morocco. This list includes affordable and luxurious beach resorts in Morocco beach resorts Most of them are very authentic and charming, especially those located in small villages where you will be able to enjoy sunbathing, surfing, fishing, sailing, and so much more. They offer different experiences, and I enjoyed staying in them. An essential thing to do before planning your trip to Morocco is to check the best time to travel to Morocco regarding the beach activities you would like to experience. For instance, Morocco’s best surfing season is not always the best for sunbathing. So make sure you take that into account. If you need help planning your trip, check my custom travel plan.

The Best Morocco Beach Resorts to Visit

1. Legzira beach resort at Sidi Ifni

best Morocco beach resorts
Legzira beach resort at Sidi Ifni

If you want luxury, fancy rooms and Spas, pass your way, as this is a pretty minimalistic resort. 

I love this resort is that is one of those tourist places that stayed authentic. At Legzira beach resort, you will have a comfortable place to stay while enjoying direct and easy access to the beach, eating delicious fresh fish in the restaurant, and spending long magical nights listening to the waves from the resort terrasse.

Morocco beaches resort
View of Legzira beach resort restaurant terrasse

2. WindHouse at Imsouane beach in Taghazout

best beach resorts in Morocco
WindHouse resort terrasse and pool

This resort offers one of the best views of Imsouane beach, near Taghazout. You will have a direct view of the cliffs, bay, and beach as they change colors from sunrise to sunset and night.

best beach resorts Morocco
One of WindHouse spacious rooms

The rooms are modern, clean and include a kitchenette. The restaurant offers delicious traditional Moroccan dishes; outside, you will find all the equipment you need to make grilled fresh fish.

best beaches resort in Morocco
You can buy fresh fish directly from fishermen at Imsouane local Fish Market, before cooking it at the resort

3. Mercure hotel in Nador

Morocco Beach Resorts
Gorgeous view from Mercure hotel café terrasse

This is one of the hotels near Nador that you probably will enjoy. It is located near the beach, so very convenient. It is also one of the best places to spend the night if you plan to go to the gorgeous Tcharrana beach, around a 45-min to 1h car drive.

Prices might get high when the hotel is crowded in the summer, so make sure you make your reservations early. If you are planning on going outside the hot season and are a little bit chilly, there is an indoor pool you can enjoy with paid access.

Beach Resorts Morocco
Chilling at Mercure hotel pool

4. Hotel Ibis Budget in Agadir

Morocco Beaches Resorts
Hotel Ibis Budget Agadir terrasse and pool

The hotel is located just a 10-minute drive from Agadir beach. It is also very convenient as it is located near Agadir airport, at only 30 minutes car drive. The site is modern with a very contemporary style. It will offer everything you need: WIFI, TV, an outdoor pool, and a gorgeous terrasse to chill and enjoy traditional Moroccan food—one of Agadir’s best value-for-money hotels.

Morocco Beaches Resort
Gorgeous traditional Moroccan design at ‘Hotel Ibis Budget Agadir’

5. Mercure Quemado Al-Hoceima Resort

Beaches Resorts in Morocco
Mercure Quemado Al-Hoceima Resort’ gorgeous room view

This resort is on the fancy side, offering a luxurious stay with modern rooms, a stunning beach view of the famous Quemado beach,  SPA treatments, and much more. The good news is the prices can get interesting, especially if you make your reservations early. So check prices regularly, as the place will be worth your search efforts.

Beach Resorts in Morocco
Relaxing at Mercure Quemado Al-Hoceima Resort SPA center

6. El Mouja Surf House near Essaouira

best beaches resort Morocco
El Mouja Surf House’ traditional Moroccan interior design

This lovely site is in one of the surfers’ most loved spots, Moulay Bouzerktoune Beach, near Essaouira. It is a family site, more like an Airbnb, super cozy, clean, and authentic. The hosts are charming and will care for everything to offer comfort and an unforgettable experience. Ask them about the best spots to sail at Moulay Bouzerktoune beach and where and how to fish Octopus at sunset. If you are a beginner in surfing, they can give you great tips, all for free.

beach resorts in Morocco
Romantic sunset from El Mouja Surf House terrasse

To complement this article, check my guide on the best beaches in Morocco. And if you need help planning your trip, check out my custom travel plan.

Last Updated on December 30, 2023 by Safaa (founder of moroccanzest)

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