Moroccan Pillows Shopping & Care Guide

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Moroccan Pillows Shopping & Care Guide

If you visit my apartment, you will find more Moroccan pillows than a human will need in a lifetime. Each time I visit Morocco and go shopping, I find myself attracted to Moroccan pillow covers and cushions. I keep buying new ones for my apartment or for my decorating projects. The patterns, colors, and designs always get me!

moroccan decor outdoor

Pillows are a must in Moroccan interior decor. Moroccan couples spend a good amount of time and money shopping for the right pillows. They can even design them from scratch with the help of an artisan.

Growing up in Morocco, that’s what my parents used to do and what made me fall in love with Moroccan artisanal work.

moroccan pillows weaving
Moroccan female artisan weaving a traditional pillow

Moroccan pillow covers come in distinct styles with different fabrics, colors, and patterns. They have a strong personality. They can make a decor chicer, cozier, more rustic, or more delicate and feminine.

If you are looking for one or a few Moroccan pillows for your interior, it’s very important to take into account a few parameters when shopping.

Moroccan Pillows Types & Shopping Guide

shopping moroccan pillows

The first thing to know is that you have two main options.

The first option comes if you have a budget of $50+ for each pillow. In that case, you can get an authentic Moroccan pillow, 100% handmade. The good thing about this option is that you will have the best quality and your pillow will age well, keeping its shape and colors. You can even pass it down to the next generation.

Moroccan pillows on bed and floor | Picture courtesy of BE Marrakech

The second option comes if you have a small budget, around $25-$40 for each pillow. In that case, you may get an imitation pillow made with synthetic materials. The pillows will still look great, but they may not age well.

Whenever possible, I’ll link to a few shops that I use myself for my decorating projects whenever I can’t restock from Morocco, including some budget-friendly options whenever possible.

Tip: If you are visiting Morocco, check my Morocco Shopping Guide where I go through Morocco markets and Souks dynamics and how to spot authentic jewelry shops and other handicraft shops (leather, rugs, etc).

1- The Moroccan Handira Pillow

Also known as Moroccan wedding blanket pillows, authentic Handira pillows are made of a white sequin-decorated fabric. This fabric (the Handira) is traditionally used in Morocco as a wedding blanket for Berber brides. That’s why these pillows are often associated with romantic decors and wedding decorations.

Moroccan handira pillow
A stack of Moroccan handira pillows
Moroccan cactus silk pillow
Moroccan Handira pillow fabric

Moroccan Handira pillows are very chic and elegant, definitely, one of the most feminine and delicate pillows you can find.

Best for Interior decor
Fabric: White wool with sequins
Style: Romantic, feminine, Boho chic
Shop: Here is a good budget-friendly Handira pillow cover for less than $40

2- The Moroccan Sabra (Cactus Silk) Pillows

These irresistible pastel pillows are made of Sabra, the Moroccan name for cactus silk.

Moroccan cactus silk pillow

Cactus Silk comes from the natural fibers of the cactus plant grown in the Moroccan desert. The traditional process of creating the Sabra fabric can take several months, which explains why authentic cactus silk pillows can be on the pricier side.

Once the fabric is hand-loomed by Moroccan female artisans, it is dyed in irresistible natural pastel colors that are a treat to the eye.

Moroccan cushion cactus silk

Cactus silk pillows made in Morocco are of the best quality. They keep their style for decades and they age beautifully. Definitely one of my favorite Moroccan decor pieces!

The most important things to check are the material (it should be 100% cactus silk) and the dye (it should be 100% natural), like

Best for Interior decor, outdoor decor (with moderate sun-exposure)
Fabric: 100% cactus silk
Style: Elegant, modern, Boho chic
Shop: These cactus silk pillow covers are one of the best quality you can find

3- The Beni Ourain Moroccan Pillow

Moroccan Beni Ourain pillows are handmade by the Berber Beni Ourain tribes, in the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. You can recognize the Beni Ourain pillow covers by their signature style: a rustic white fabric and geometric black designs.

Moroccan decor outdoor
Moroccan Beni Ourain Pillows | Picture courtesy of BE Marrakech

Authentic Moroccan Beni Ourain pillows are very durable. That’s why they are loved by designers for decorating patios, backyards, and terraces. They create a clean rustic style, very trendy and contemporary.

Beni Ourain Moroccan cushion

If you are looking for good Moroccan Beni Ourain pillows, choose ones that are handmade using unbleached sheep wool and natural black dye.

Best for Interior decor, outdoor decor
Fabric: 100% unbleached sheep wool and natural black dye
Style: Elegant, rustic, contemporary
Shop: This high-quality Beni Ourain pillow cover is a really great catch!

4- Moroccan Kilim Pillows

Moroccan kilim pillows are the way to go if you want to add colors and a boho feel to your indoor and outdoor decor.

moroccan decor outdoor idea

These kilim pillows are Marrakech’s signature style. They marry beautifully with the city’s Ocher color and their fabric is one of the best sun-friendly fabrics, making them perfect for patios and terraces.

Kilim Moroccan cushions terrace
kilim pillows

Due to their increased popularity, there is more and more imitation of Moroccan kilim pillows. While these imitation pillows can be a good budget-friendly option, if you are looking for long-lasting pillows, you’ll get the best out of your money if you invest in authentic Kilim pillows. They’ll keep their colors and shape, and they’ll age beautifully.

kilim pillow covers
moroccan decor outdoor

Best for Interior decor, outdoor decor
Fabric: 100% wool and natural dye
Style: Rustic, Bohemian
Shop: Moroccan Kilim Pillows for less than $50

Master Moroccan Medinas and get what you want. Check my Morocco Ultimate Shopping guide.

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great inspiration

March 3, 2021

I was shopping for moroccan pillows and found your guide, very informative, thank you so much. I will use one or two tips to make sure I get artisanal pillows

june lea

moroccan pillow addict

August 10, 2020

I ordered all types of Moroccan pillows you mentioned, for my patio and my living room. thank you for the tips.

allyson niak

love moroccan decor

August 10, 2020

I fell in love with Moroccan patios on my last trip to Morocco. The colors and textures of pillows change completely the feel of a room and I’m here for it

maria barel

got me a cactus silk pillow, finally

June 4, 2020

I’ve been waiting for months for this purchase, hesitating and confused, Thank you! Your post helped me a lot.

sofia mowry

kilim pillow

March 2, 2020

thank you so much for all this information, I was about to buy a Moroccan pillow online and was lucky to read your post first. I am looking for Moroccan pillows for my patio, and I hesitate between the kilim and the handira pillow. Which one would you recommend?


Response from Moroccanzest

Hi laaeticia, all Moroccan pillows will be a great option. If the pillows you are looking for are going to stay in your patio for long periods of time, Kilim pillows and Cactus silk pillows are best as they are more resisting to the sun’s UV. The other pillows are great too, especially if you are looking for a more delicate and fluffy style. But you need to protect them regularly from the sun.

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