5 Days in Morocco Itinerary Options

5 Days in Morocco Itinerary Options

I just came back last month from a 5 days trip to Morocco. It was quite intense with a lot of traveling, but I got to see most of my favorite cities. Once my 5 days in Morocco were over, it felt like I was traveling for weeks and visiting different countries.

I travel to Morocco quite often but most of the time, it’s for a short period. So, I learned throughout the years how to get the most out of each trip, especially that I dedicate a big part of my visit to see family and friends in Morocco.

Morocco is different from most travel destinations. If you plan your trip well, even a couple of days can be highly refreshing. Europeans, for example, love to escape to Morocco for the weekend every now and then. For them, Morocco is only a couple of hours away and full of promises and enchanting adventures.

5 Days in Morocco Itinerary Options

There are many options for a 5 days itinerary in Morocco. My favorite itineraries are those that focus either on northern Morocco, central Morocco or the south of Morocco. They are much more manageable and much more enjoyable.

However, before you find out Morocco 5 days itinerary options, it’s better to know your expectations.

If you want a trip full of adventure and things to see, then 5-days itineraries with three to four Moroccan cities are the best. It may seem a lot, but if you plan in advance, it’s doable and so much worth it! Personally, that’s the kind of itineraries I love to have in Morocco.

Otherwise, if you are looking for a relaxed trip, then it’s better to focus on just one or two cities for your 5 days in Morocco. You will still get to see a lot and your trip will be more relaxed and easy-going. So if that’s what you want, just read through this guide and see what cities or itinerary sections that inspire you the most.

Morocco 5 Days Itinerary: Casablanca, Rabat, Chefchaouen, and Fez

You can start your trip from Casablanca, the financial capital of Morocco and one of Morocco’s most modern cities. Casablanca is also a great start point for your itinerary as most airline companies serve its airport Mohammed V (CMN).

Casablanca is great with its lively nightlife and beautiful terraces on stunning palm beaches. It’s also home to architectural gems, like Villa des Arts and the grandiose Hassan II Mosque.

casablanca morocco itinarary
Inside Casablanca’s Hassan II Mosque
5 days in Morocco Casablanca
Lazy afternoon in a Café-Bar, Casablanca

From Casablanca, you can head to Rabat the administrative capital of Morocco.

I spent my childhood in Rabat, which is probably why I love this city so much. Rabat is modern too with a historic downtown and many beautiful monuments that survived time.

5 days in morocco rabat
Blue street in downtown Rabat

The good thing about Rabat is that you can see most of it in one afternoon. Most things to-see are located downtown. The coast is very charming too and if you go there, please visit Kasbah Oudaya, a UNESCO world heritage and café Maure where you’ll have one of the best views of Rabat.

Rabat 5 days itinerary
Rabat, view on Bouregreg river and Kasbah Oudaya
5 days Oudaya Rabat
Inside Kasbah Oudaya, Rabat

Continue to Chefchaouen, the ‘’blue city’’. Standing between the Rif mountains, Chefchaouen is definitely the best place to unwind, relax and exercise with a lot of fun uphill walking.

5 days in morocco chefchaouen

The blue walls, colorful flowers, and cats purring in every street corner are what make this city charming and unique. Downtown, you can find artisans selling their work, and restaurants where you can try the delicious local goat tagine dish. A must!

chefchaouen itinerary
Typical Chefchaouen street

From Chefchaouen you can head to fez, the spiritual city of Morocco and the center of culture and tradition. Fez downtown is a UNESCO heritage and one of the largest and oldest downtowns in the world.  If you like shopping, architecture and delicious food, you will have a blissful time in Fez.

5 days in Morocco Fez
Fez Medina, one of the oldest cities in the World
Fez itinerary
Fez is known by its skillful artisans

I always recommend spending at least 1 full day in Fez as there is so much to see and explore. The Medina, the historical downtown, will take you hours to explore all by its self.

This 5 days itinerary is one of the easiest to pull and you probably won’t need a tour company to guide you. You can go from city to city by train, and you can use taxis to go from your hotel to the different attractions. Trains and taxis in Morocco are cheap so this is also a good budget itinerary.

Morocco 5 Days Itinerary: Marrakech, Ouarzazate and the Desert

This itinerary starts in Marrakech, the ‘’red city’’ and Morocco’s most touristic place. There are so many experiences to have in Marrakech that you can spend 5 days there and not get bored one second.

5 days in Morocco Marrakech
Jamaa El Fna in Marrakech, full of storytellers, snake charmers, dancers, and local food courts.

After an intense 2 days in Marrakech, you can go south and start your desert trip. Your next stop can be Ouarzazate, a favorite city for filmmakers and film enthusiasts as many famous movies were filmed there.

ouarzazate itinerary
Exploring a film set in Ouarzazate

When in Ouarzazate, you can hop in a taxi and visit Ksar Ait Benhaddou for a few hours. The Ksar is a beautiful Oasis in the middle of the desert and a UNESCO heritage.

ait benhaddou itinerary
The fairy Ksar Ait Benhaddou

From Ouarzazate, you can join a guided tour and go explore the Moroccan desert. There are many beautiful desert spots that are easily accessible from Ouarzazate. One of my favorite desert places in Morocco is the Erg Chebli, known for the gigantic dunes and magical red sunsets.

With some guided tours you can even spend the night in a tent with locals, eat local dishes and dance to music. A one of a kind experience, believe me!

Morocco Desert itinerary
Magical night by the fire in the Moroccan desert
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going to morocco next summer

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March 12, 2020

We are planning a trip to Morocco, hopefully this summer, and we still don’t know which itinerary to take. We’ll be 4 people and we want to see most of Morocco. What would you recommend for a budget trip?


Response from Moroccanzest

Hi Freddie, the first itinerary could be the cheapest. By taking trains and taxis, you’ll save so much money. The second itinerary can also be cheap if you are in charge of your own transportation. This being said, I don’t recommend skipping the tour company for the desert excursion as you need to be with professionals who know how to deal with the desert (orientation, safety, etc.). So at least for this part, you will need to find a professional tour company. Prices start around $60-$100 per person. Hope this helps ♡ -xxx

thanks so much!

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June 27, 2020

preparing my trip to Morocco in December. the borders are opening and we can finally visit our beloved Morocco

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May 13, 2020

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great tips

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March 16, 2020

great tips and detailed information about each itinerary. thank you


thank you!!!

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March 11, 2020

found what I was looking for, thank you for the awesome guide! I am tempted by the Casablanca – fez itinerary, the cities are stunning


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