Honest Review of the Emile Henry Tagine

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Honest Review of the Emile Henry Tagine

I cook tagine dishes twice a week, if not more. While I mostly cook in traditional tagine pots made in Morocco, I still like to use my Emile Henry tagine occasionally to cook Moroccan dishes. Many of you requested this article, so here is my honest Emile Henry tagine review and everything you need to know to use these colorful French tagine pots.

What Are Emile Henry Tagines?

Emile Henry is a French brand specializing in ceramic cookware. They started making ceramic cookware more than a century ago in a French village called Burgundy. One of their products is the ceramic tagine pot which name is inspired by the traditional tagine pots artisanally made in Morocco.

emile henry tagine pot

What's Different About The Emile Henry Tagine Pot?

A few years ago, Emile Henry tagines were pretty unique in their shape and finish. Unlike traditional Moroccan tagines that are made with natural clay and have an earthy, traditional design, Emile Henry Tagines were the only tagines that were perfectly smooth and colored. 

Nowadays, there are more and more products imitating Emile Henry tagines, and some of them are manufactured in Chinese factories giving no information about the making process or materials used to make each tagine, which is a big warning. 

Emile Henry tagines are heat resistant, meaning you can use them on medium to high heat with no issue. In contrast, traditional Moroccan tagines need to be used on low to medium heat as high temperatures can make them break.

Are Emile Henry Tagines Safe to Use?

Emile Henry tagines are certified lead-free and safe to use for cooking. Although I don’t use mine very often – I reach out to it occasionally to cook for my family and friends.

Can you Put an Emile Henry Tagine in the Oven?

Aboslutely, you can use Emile Henry tagines in the oven (less than 400F). While I have never used my Emile Henry tagine in the oven – as I use it solely to make traditional Moroccan tagine recipes which are cooked on the stove – I reached out to Emile Henry’s customer service and they confirmed that their tagine pots can be safely used in the oven. 

Do Emile Henry Tagines Concentrate the Flavors as Traditional Moroccan Tagines?

The tagine dishes that I made in my Emile Henry Tagine were pretty good. The tagine pot allows the ingredients to cook evenly and be infused with herbs and spices especially if you slow-cook the dish. If you are a big tagine dish fan and are looking for that thick sauce and caramelized ingredients, then in my experience, it’s hard to get them with an Emile Henry tagine. This has probably to do with the material of the tagine – ceramic – which is very different from clay used in traditional Moroccan tagines.

Traditional clay tagines concentrate the flavors

Is Emile Henry Tagine Worth the Money?

If you have the budget and are looking for a colorful tagine pot that will help you make delicious stews, then Emile Henry is totally worth it. Also, from my experience, it’s durability can be compared to the durability of a traditional Moroccan tagine pot. I have many for a couple of years and it’s still in good shape.

What are Emile Henry Tagine Sizes?

Emile Henry tagines are available in two sizes; either the 2.1 qt or 3.7 qt size. 

The 2.1 qt can feed 2-3 people comfortably. The 3.7 qt size can feed 5 to 6 people. Note that you can feed more people by serving your tagine with side dishes. This is what is done in Morocco: A tagine dish is always served with fresh bread, salads, spicy olives, dips, and other side dishes. 

Emile Henry vs. Le Creuset Tagine

People often ask me the difference between Emile Henry’s tagines and Le Creuset’s tagines. Well, the main difference between the two is the materials they are made of. While Emile Henry tagines are made of ceramic, Le Creuset tagines are made of enameled cast iron.

This means two things: That Emile Henry Tagines are much much lighter than Le Creuset Tagines, but also that they are more fragile like all ceramic products.

How Can I Clean My Emile Henry Tagine?

I clean my Emile Henry Tagine with regular soap, water and a gentle sponge. When the ingredients stuck at the bottom during cooking, I let my tagine soak overnight in water then clean it the day after and it always comes off easily.

Where to Buy Emile Henry Tagines?

You can find Emile Henry tagine pots on either Emile Henry’s official website or Amazon.  

Does Emile Henry Tagine need to be seasoned?

Before using your Emile Henry cookware, it is important to season it. The pots come with detailed instructions, but don’t worry, it’s a simple process. Just pour about an inch of milk into the pot or pan, let it simmer for five minutes, then turn off the heat and let it cool before washing.

Do I Need a Diffuser for my Emile Henry Tagine?

Heat diffusers are recommended when using a Tagine pot made of earthenware, clay, ceramic, or any material that is not metal. When I don’t use a heat diffuser with my tagine pots, I only use low to medium heat; this way, the tagine pot is protected, and food doesn’t burn.

Are there Alternatives to Emile Henry Tagines?

If you would like to replicate a typical Moroccan tagine dish’s intense flavors, I highly recommend getting a traditional clay tagine made in Morocco. It’s very durable and in the same price range as an Emile Henry tagine. To be honest, I find myself using my Moroccan clay tagines more as I like how they concentrate the flavors of the dish, if you tried Moroccan cuisine before, you’ll probably know what I mean. 

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