Morocco in October: Weather, Travel Tips, and More

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Morocco in October: Weather, Travel Tips, and More

Tourists choosing Morocco as a destination want to know the best time to go. Some say with emphasis – October! It is a great time of year for many reasons, one of which is the superior weather conditions no matter where you go. Plus, there will be no crowds in the fall and certainly few children. If you crave a peaceful “adult” experience, October should be your month of choice.

Weather in October

The temperature drops in the autumn in October, creating a nice and not too hot summer experience for travelers. Expect an average of 68 F in the daytime and close to 50 F most nights. Going to the desert such as the city of Marrakech, you will find higher temperatures although there will likely be some cooler days. Evenings are lovely if you remember to wear some kind of wrap. Don’t worry about the rain, however, although you will experience some rainfall at times.

october morocco desert
October evenings in the Moroccan desert are very charming

In short, fall in Morocco is a temperate time, although it can be warm compared to northern climates. Swings in temperature in desert regions are always possible, but mostly you will enjoy the season immensely, tourist free.

What to Wear in Morocco in October

A wise tourist knows to pack according to the season and October in Morocco is no exception. It is definitely no longer a sweltering summer. You still may prefer to layer lightweight clothing. Loose-fitting attire is always a good bet just in case the temperature rises unexpectedly. Protect yourself from the sun with a hat and cover your shoulders and arms. Most people find light slacks or jeans and cotton shirts are comfortable and portable. Hats work for both men and women and the ladies can also opt for scarves. Everyone will appreciate a pair of sunglasses at hand and a travel umbrella. Shade from the sun is essential at this time as well as protection from a sudden storm.

what to wear morocco october

Here is a detailed guide on what to wear and pack for Morocco.

Places to Visit in Morocco in October

All the usual sights are there in October and you may enjoy them even more in a temperate climate. Tops on the list for most include Marrakech, ouarzazate, Fez, Rabat, Casablanca, Chefchaouen,  and Tangier. To make the most of limited time, pick a city or region to explore in depth. 

Here are my 5-day Morocco itinerary and my 10-day Morocco itinerary to inspire you and help you build a memorable trip to Morocco.

Best Activities in Morocco in October

Festivals and Celebrations

There are three festivals not to miss in October. Music and date lovers will be most pleased. There is a lot to do and it takes an itinerary to keep it all straight. One of the most traditional is the annual date festival. Taking place in the Sahara Desert town of Erfoud, it marks the end of the harvest season. The wonderful Mejoul dates grow in this area. It lasts for three days with ample food, local music and dancing, and even camel racing.

Morocco’s Arfoud Date festival

Music is always a draw. The MOGA Electronic Music Festival is loaded with traditional Gnawa music and dance. Artworks also abound at this event held in Essaouira on the Atlantic coast. Tradition and modernity are unified as sounds of electronic music fill the air.

The third festival of note is the Taragalte Festival in the Sahara Desert, held in the oasis town of  M’Hamid El Ghizlane, Taragalte. The music goes on for three days of revelry to celebrate Moroccan culture. Visitors can enjoy all the arts including dance, poetry, and art. Concerts and workshops punctuate the festival to mark the country’s great heritage.

Taragalt festival in the desert

What to do in Nature in Morocco in October

There is no shortage of scenic spots in Moroccan from the massive sand dunes of the Sahara to the Atlas Mountains covered with cedars and pines. The landscape varies from region to region, and every one is glorious. The azure water beckons beachgoers love exploring the sun-drenched coast. Roam a bit, take a change on something new, and explore.

dades gorges nature morocco october
Dades Gorges, Morocco
surfing morocco october
Wind surfing in Essaouira, Morocco

Monuments, Architecture & History

The local architecture is extraordinary and not to be missed. You will find many styles, reflecting a rich past and a variety of influences. A keen eye can spot Phoenician and Roman traits among the many historic monuments in cities like Fez and Meknes. The Arabs have a great presence, having conquered Morocco in the 7th century. Their civilization was quickly absorbed. Don’t fail to spend time in the museums; there is much to treasure within.

marrakech architecture october
Ben Youssef Mosque, Marrakech, Morocco

Moroccan Food

Moroccan cuisine is fairly well known by now. Fans attest to the fragrant, delicious dishes loaded with spices. Enjoy a variety of meats and vegetables in traditional fare, prepared with care. A visit to Morocco is a culinary treat. Here are my guides about Moroccan food and Moroccan street food.

moroccan food tagine
Moroccan tagines are a must-try food in Morocco

Moroccan Cats

Who fails to notice the numerous cats, begging for a bite from a willing hat. There are so many roaming about in the streets of Chefchaouen and Tangier. They are happier for sure as they are given great care. Tourists love to feed and pet them so take some cat sweets with you for sure.

If you love cats like me, this article is full of cute photographies of adorable Moroccan cats.

Hammam Treatment

After a lot of local trekking and plenty of shopping, it is time for the spa. Among the best massages is the Hammam treatment. It is very traditional and worth its reputation. It consists of skin and hair care, both cleansing and nourishing. There is nothing like it across the globe. Only natural products are used such as rose petals, argan oil, and clay. It is a local process through and through and a must for rest and relaxation. Everyone can use a bit of hydration after hours in the Moroccan sun.

Moroccan hammam

To learn more about the incredibly relaxing and detoxifying hammam experience, you can check my article about the best Hammam centers in Morocco, as well as how to have a hammam bath experience at home.

The Medina and Souk

Shopping is top of every tourist’s list of local activities, and Morocco has great venues to acquire wonderful gifts and local treasures. The Medinas are historical areas and the place places to hunt for artisanal crafts. You will relish the jewelry, leather goods, teapots, and rugs displayed from shop to shop in the Souks. They have been made with love by craftsmen and women who have inherited age-old traditions. Take a guide if you think you need help, but most people go it alone with no trouble. A guide can steer you to a reputable shop, although they get a commission.

morocco shopping medina souk
Shopping souvenirs in Morocco is a real sport

Shopping in Morocco can be quite challenging for many reasons. There are many products to choose from, and hundreds of shops and vendors in the souk. Also, imitation and counterfeits of Moroccan artisanal products (rugs, lanterns, clothings, etc) make it hard to identify the truly authentic products that are worth the investment. 

To learn more, check my article about Moroccan medinas and souks dynamic. You can also check my shopping ebook to learn how to identify truly authentic products from counterfeitsts, as well as know the right price range to pay for each artisanal product.

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